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It's finally here - the Free Fantasy Hockey App for your smart phone. The app to end all apps...



Finally ready for public consumption! The DobberHockey App streams the Daily Ramblings to your phone for FREE! Furthermore, if you're in a jam on draft day, you have the option to purchase the Draft List through this app for just $4.99 - and you get the Playoff Draft List for FREE with that purchase. That's right - it's 12 months of draft lists for just a few bucks to help offset the setup costs of this free app.


Hey - you've been wanting easier access to the Daily Ramblings for years now. Well here it is. Enjoy!



Get the DobberHockey Fantasy Hockey app for your Android here.


dobberhockey app ad - android





Get the DobberHockey Fantasy Hockey app for your iPhone here.



dobberhockey app ad - apple





*Note: Blackberry users - sorry, you will have to wait until next year. And as an ex-BB user myself, I feel your pain. Ran out of time (and, to be frank, funds)



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germant said:

Crashes instantly Downloaded it - cant even open it.

I'm using the iPad 1st generation and still stuck on one of the earlier IOS systems. So, if you're like me, don't even bother.
October 02, 2013
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Turbonerd said:

Draft List Updates I purchased the iPhone app for my draft tomorrow. I like the ease of use. The only additional feature I'd like to see is the ability to search for a player or be able to jump to a specific letter when scrolling by name to check off other peoples' selections as scrolling through 700+ players seems cumbersome.

Also reading the Daily Ramblings it is apparent the draft list in the app is not continously updated as it still shows Versteeg as having an injury and being out until late October and shows Stalberg as healthy. I though the benefit of buying the subscription was so I can get the very latest projections on a dialy basis?

The app still seems very useful but I'm not sure I can rely purely on the draft list. I will have to bring some papers too.
September 26, 2013
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robitaille said:

In the penalty box Last night I re-entered all the info of my current keepers league, so the status of probably 200 players or so ("on my team" or "on another team"), and the app was working until a specific point where it stopped working and now refuses to start. It looks like a bug: too many players to keep track, and it runs out of memory or something. So now I have a $10 brick (2x $4.99), not usable for my league during its pre-season this week. The app is going in my penalty box until an upgrade fixes that problem.

September 16, 2013
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PeistyGangsta said:

Needs to be fixed!!!!! The draft rankings will not open and cause the app to crash on me ,I tried opening them quite a few times and the same result so can you please fix this so they can be of use to me thanks
September 16, 2013
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Tcheliabinsk said:

App Nice app, but not really practical. Settings are for points only, and no option to add other stats as Hits or PP points.
September 15, 2013
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robitaille said:

... I started playing with the app. At first it worked great. I paid the $4.99 to get the complete 13-14 stats and started doing my prep work for a keeper's league by selecting the "on my team/on someone else team" info for a coupled hundred of players. Then the problems started: the app was refusing to re start the next morning. No errors, nothing. Click on the icon and nothing happens. After quickly running out of ideas on what to do, I removed and re-installed the app. That solved that problem and I could start the app again. But two downsides to this solution: I lost all that prep work from the night before in selecting the status of players. And it had lost my access to the complete set of 13-14 stats. The app would tell me that I had already purchased the subscription, but the stats were not appearing in the app. I finally gave up, and "renewed" my subscription (according to the message on the device), and I got charged for another $4.99 according to iTunes. I'm not sure if that means I now have the subscription for 2 years, or if I got charged twice for this year's.

So as of this morning, the app works great; I really want to use it for this pre-season, but I'm not sure if I can trust it enough to rely on it, i.e., I'm afraid it may once again suddenly stop working on me.

So my review: looks great and it could be a very useful tool if the predicted stats, news, and injury status are updated as frequently on the app than in the fantasy guide, but the app appears to still having some rough edges that will need to be sorted out before people can rely on it (and without a fear of being double charged, or even tripled charged according to someone review on the iTunes app store)

September 15, 2013
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sixhands said:

Not happy at the moment. I downloaded the App, which I do like, but at the moment I am dissatisfied.

The layout is functional and very user friendly.
Quick access to the daily ramblings is fantastic.

I perused the draft lists and even though the information was limited I liked it enough to subscribe.

That is when the frustration started. I am not able to access either the regular season draft list or the playoff draft list.

I will probably still use it for the ramblings but unfortunately I spent the minimal fee for something I cannot access.

September 14, 2013
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