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I've used a dozen pool managers over the last six or seven years, so I know what I'm looking for. It has been a mission of mine for a couple of years now to launch my own Dobber-branded pool manager and now, with the help of Hockey Draft, that has become a reality. For certain types of fantasy leagues, this is your best option to run your pool. Period. For other types of fantasy leagues, this is a terrible option. I'll break down the differences after the jump.



Fantasy Leagues for which the DobberHockey Pool Manager is Ideal

1. Points-only leagues, keeper or one-year

This is the same as for most pool managers, with roto-league managers such as Yahoo, CBS or ESPN being the exception - as they focus on more complicated formats. Once your league is in, you can simply re-activate it next year for quick keeper set-up.


2. Points-only leagues, "count the Top N", keeper or one-year

Now we get into narrowing things down further. Fantrax, for example, cannot track leagues in this manner. Many pool managers focus on more in-depth leagues and those in basic leagues are forced to look elsewhere. Look no further!


3. Points-only leagues, "count the Top N", where points are counted using a variety of stats and a variety of roster rules

This where several more pool managers fell by the wayside when it comes to the league I run. You can find the rules of that league here. But basically, we count the 16 top point-getters on a flexible roster that ranges from 25 to 33 players. Of those 16, two must be goaltenders and two must be defensemen.

This is what separates the DobberHockey Pool Manager from the rest. It can handle this situation - be it for points that transfer over to the new team in a trade…or points that remain with the former team in a trade. This pool manager, despite the flexible rosters, can track this complicated format.


Fantasy Leagues for which the DobberHockey Pool Manager is not Ideal

1. Any type of rotisserie league

This tool will not track leagues using roto rules.


2. Weekly or daily roster setting

While this can handle these changes via "reserve roster", there are better managers out there that can deal with this setting more smoothly.


Stats that are Covered

Player: goals, assists, games played, points, plus/minus, PIM, majors, minors, PP goals, SH goals, GW goals, PP assists, SH assists, OT goals, SO goals, SO misses, shots, hat tricks, fights


Goalie: wins, shutouts, losses, games played in, games started, minutes played, GAA, OT wins, OT losses, SO wins, SO losses, goals against, shots against, save percentage, majors, minors, PIM, fights


Team: games played, wins, losses, OT wins, OT losses, SO wins, SO losses, points, win percentage, goals for, goals against, shutouts, wins for each round (playoffs)


Other Features

Trash Talk

Announcement window

Manual points adjustment by player or by roster (great for the special playoff rules that we have)

Manual date adjust - the commish can set a start date/end date for tracking, individually by player (again, great for special playoff rules)

Highlight the Top X teams in the standings.

Add your league's logo/url.

Use the Beta player setup and there is no pool manager out there that is faster at entering players. Period. I've used a dozen, and this one is the fastest.

Reports include an easy to pull "top undrafted" list, but there are other reports available as well. Quite flexible.

Responsiveness is as great as any Dobber feature - email admin and hear back pretty quickly.


Sign up your league here!

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Dobber said:

Here is what another user said regarding his league From another member:

There is support for either weekly or monthly lineup changes (no daily change option, unless the admin does it instead of the managers). If your league requires setting lineups, this is not the site for you. However, if your league is a points-only league, or “count the Top X” league, there is tons of flexibility. Said flexibility includes manual points adjustment.
Customization is where this site really shines, and it’s pretty much the reason we use it for our league. There is a lot of flexibility in determining rules, rosters and stats. In addition to that, the admin can manually offset player scores as well; so if there is something you can’t implement through the system you can always manually offset players to get the intended result.
I’ll give you an example: rather than setting up line-ups ahead of time, my pool has a rule where we take the best ‘X’ player scores at the end of a given week. The way we handle this is by using the manual offset to remove points from the players that won’t count for that week.
September 20, 2012
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PatWhite said:

Sites for weekly roster settings What are the other options for leagues that include weekly roster settings?
September 20, 2012
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