Worried about an NHL lockout? Me too. Considering delaying your Fantasy Guide purchase until the CBA is resolved? No need!


As always, I update the DobberHockey Fantasy Guide all summer long. The only difference is, this summer might be...well, longer. So if a lockout happens and the season is delayed, I just continue updating. January? Sure. It will be updated, with player projections adjusted for the games played. 


Let's face it - you're hooked on fantasy hockey and you need your fix. This is a safe investment, gets you your fix, and everything will be updated until the puck drops. Magazines off the rack can't do that. And most other websites won't do that.


My opinion? I think the NHL season will be delayed a few weeks. But there will be a season. That's just my guess. But you won't have to guess - I will update this as late as January if I have to.


If, in the unlikely event (and ridiculously stupid event, if the NHL/NHLPA does this) that the season is cancelled, at least you got yourself one hell of a good read, you got your fantasy hockey fix, and you supported this free site!



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