Here's a blow-by-blow look at the first round, and my initial thoughts on what went down and how it will affect your keeper league...



1.Patrick Kane, Chicago

This came as no surprise. I had him going first, as did Bugg in the Prospect Report. GM Dale Tallon is clearly hopeful that Kane will make the team right away. I think that may be possible, but on the other hand his production will likely be similar to what you saw from Brule this past year in Columbus - minimal. He'll need two seasons under his belt before he start piling up the points to get onto your pro team. That's my first thought, anyway...


2.James van Riemsdyk, Philadelphia

A future power forward, he'll be an 80-point guy...in seven years. He's a sure thing, but again it will take awhile to join your pro team.


3.Kyle Turris, Phoenix

As expected again. The top three was just as I figured. Bugg had Voracek going here. Turris is a few years away, but the Coyotes will wait (see Blake Wheeler for details). His upside is unknown. His lack of competition could mean an upside of 100+ points, or merely 70. He is a wildcard. In keeper leagues - I like wildcards.


4.Thomas Hickey, Los Angeles

Who? He wasn't even in the top three amongst defenseman. CSB had him well into the 30s. Bugg had him 23rd. TSN had him 13th. LA tried to trade down. Listen guys - if you are at the draft and you can trade down, there really should be no excuse why you would fail. You take what you can get, slip down in the draft, and get your guy anyway.


5.Karl Alzner, Washington

Defensive type will not help pools with offensive stats.


6.Sam Gagner, Edmonton

He has the ability to make Edmonton this year - but only if Robert Nisson and Rob Schremp blow it. Otherwise, he'll be at least one year. The Oilers have a track record of blowing their picks and Gagner racked up a lot of assists on Patrick Kane goals. However, he always defies expectations, so don't count him out. Bugg had him ranked seventh in the Prospects Report.


7.Jakub Voracek, Columbus

Possibly the most NHL ready in the draft and the Jackets could use a winger. He just might make the team, although don't expect 50 points right away. He will be an all around player who will iron out his consistency as he matures. He'll be on a fantasy pro team in three seasons. (I assume you need at least 55 points to get onto a typical fantasy pro team)


8.Zach Hamill, Boston

A pivot who could surprise sooner than you'd think. If I were to choose one player who could be a Patrice Bergeron (i.e. drafted later than the guys more hyped, but makes the team as an 18-year-old and has an impact) it would be Hamill.


9.Logan Couture, San Jose

The Sharks traded Vesa Toskala for 13th, 44th and a pick next year. They pretty much flipped the same thing to move up to ninth. Bottom line: they traded Toskala for Couture. They wanted this guy and they wanted him bad. He'll be a few years before making the NHL.


10. Keaton Ellerby, Florida

A boom or bust future #1 defenseman. By the time he has an impact in the NHL, Bouwmeester will be gone, Van Ryn will be gone and Ellerby will have his shot. Years away.


11.Brandon Sutter, Carolina

You know what you're getting here. It's a Sutter!


12. Ryan McDonagh, Montreal

The next best rearguard available. They could have grabbed Angelo Esposito. What does that say about Esposito? Be wary. Anyway, McDonagh will be at least five years.


13. Lars Eller, St. Louis

The Blues wanted this guy all along. High end skill. I like him and I think I will think of him next summer the way I think of Patrick Berglund this summer.


14. Kevin Shattenkirk, Colorado

The next best rearguard available. He's probably the best offensive rearguard in the draft. You'll see him in a few years in the NHL though.


15. Alex Plante, Edmonton

Bugg nailed this one in the Prospect Report. He is a giant who will rack up the PIMs in a few years.


16. Colton Gilles, Minnesota

One of the fastest in the draft, he also plays hard. The Wild traded up to get him. They need a power guy but will have to wait on him.


17. Alexei Cherepanov, NY Rangers

He couldn't have gone to a better team. Do you think paying a lot of money to get a player they want out of Russia will ever stop the RANGERS? Nope. Brilliant pick - both in reality and in fantasy. To the point where I would consider putting him first on my list now in this entire draft in my keeper league. Watch him. Teams will kick themselves for letting him slide so far.


18. Ian Cole, Florida

Bugg had him 40th. He called choosing Cole the "dartboard approach" in the Prospect Report. He is a project, which means - long-term.


19.Logan MacMillan, Anaheim

Watch him - Bugg had him 58th, but admits that he could grow to be a star in a few years. The Ducks have time to wait on him.


20. Angelo Esposito, Pittsburgh

One word - wow. Esposito hit the jackpot. So did the Pens. A year ago he was ranked No.1, so the Pens practically drafted high again this year. Amazing selection. I love him on this team (who wouldn't). Suddenly, I would draft him very high in my keeper league. How can he miss?


21. Riley Nash, Edmonton

The Oilers make their third pick and they went off the board a little. One thing I've noticed is that Bugg's picks in the Fantasy Prospect Report is off on these guys...but not as far as TSN's ranking. He did a great job. Anyway, he has raw talent that needs to be honed and he is a future power forward. Re-evaluate him in three years to see what you've got here.


22. Max Pacioretty, Montreal

He'll likely not be a big producer in the NHL. He may reach 60 points, but it will take time. He looks like he'll be a big third liner.


23. Jonathan Blum, Nashville

Offensive defenseman who won't get to the big club until Shea Weber and Ryan Suter are gone - that's how far away he is.


24. Mikael Backlund, Calgary

A true Keenan-guy. Not. But not to worry, he'll be in the NHL in three or four years and Keenan will be a memory in Alberta by then. A great pick who has high-end hockey sense. Bugg had him ranked at 22.


25. Patrick White, Vancouver

He is a dark horse. Stay away now, and have another look in a few years. Potential offensive talent though.


26. David Perron, St. Louis

He's three years away from the NHL. Bugg had him ranked 20th. His strength is his speed and his hands, so he could really pan out from a fantasy standpoint.


27. Brendan Smith, Detroit

Bugg just missed here, he had him 30th. Most had the rearguard much much lower. He is a highly intelligent blueliner that the Wings will take their time with.


28. Nick Petrecki, San Jose

A stay-at-home defenseman. Not valuable in many pools.


29. Jimmy O'Brien, Ottawa

 A long, long-term power forward/project. He also played some defense, so he could go either way.


30. Nick Ross, Phoenix

Another defenseman. Bobby Mac compared him to Scott Stevens. The rearguards are ranked lower, but have been scooped up higher. Round 2 should see a lot of forwards getting drafted. 


Still available: Bill Sweatt, Luca Cunti, Maxim Mayorov, Michal Repik and all goaltenders (Trevor Cann is the best one) 


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