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The Winnipeg Jets, folks! Someone let the cat out of the bag early, because they don't like drama and excitement...


Adrian Dater has an interesting update on Tomas Fleischmann - the Avs haven't shown a lot of interest, as of yet.


Playmaker26 was bang on with his Flyer news from early May. Predicted Carter/Richards trades, Bryzgalov signing, and more. Impressive to say the least.


Devin Setoguchi earns himself a nice extension in San Jose - three years and $9 million total. He's a better player than he has shown the past two seasons. Young goal scorers often struggle with consistency before finding their game.


Brad Richards will indeed hit the open market. Darren Dreger reported yesterday that Richards refused to waive his NMC as Dallas was hoping to fetch something for his rights.


Andrei Markov's agent was the real winner yesterday - three years and a cap hit north of $5 million is extremely impressive considering what Markov is trying to return from. When healthy there aren't many better two-way defensemen in the game, but it is definitely a risk.


Love James Reimer's attitude. Love his play even more.


Draft day mailbag is open! Taking questions today, and will answer them tomorrow.


The downside of my job is that I am without computer access for much of the day. It looks like I missed WWIII in Philadelphia today. Dobber did me a solid and covered off with his thoughts. Here are mine (short and sweet, of course):


1) Three most common answers as to why Richards was moved – Pronger, coach, and off-ice issues. I’m not sure there is truth in all three, but it definitely wasn’t his on ice play.


2) Love the trade for LA. Sure they didn’t get a winger for Kopitar, but Richards is a winner. Moves Stoll down (or out), and gives them a legitimate 1B center to build around for the next decade. Schenn could be as good as Richards (or better). Key word – “could.”


3) Love the Columbus trade for both teams. Giroux/Voracek together for the next decade is drool-worthy.


4).This deal also allows Philly to keep together Hartnell-Briere-Leino, if they so choose to re-sign Ville.


5) Does this free up a Simon Gagne return?


6) Bryzgalov deal – the cap hit isn’t bad, but I don’t like how his season trended. Poor down the stretch and even worse in the playoffs – not a good sign for an impending free agent. The term kills any chance Bobrovsky has at starting.


7) Philly has a ton of flexibility. I don’t see them moving Versteeg, but that could just be me.


8) Loktionov's value drops a bit. He is a natural C and much better up the middle - zero chance he slots in to the top six now. Both Stoll and Handzus further cloud the situation for him. He was great before getting injured last season, though.


9) Very interesting stat from Twitter:



Nash and Carter were 1-2 in ES shots per 60 last year. Could be fun if they're on the same line.


Paul Stastny sounds like he may be on the move today or at some point before July 1st? Why, exactly, would the Avalanche want to move him?


Tuukka Rask is undergoing knee surgery this summer. Should be good to go for camp. A bit of a different situation than last summer, no?


Some major changes coming in 2012-13 regarding NHL divisional realignment? Bring back the Wales/Campbell Conferences, please.


"LIKE" us on Facebook, win a pair of Oakley's. Nuff said.


Holmgren on the Carter/Richards trades:



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Renegade said:

Pengwin An elite top line needs:
*A great playmaker (most-important)
*A great goal-scorer (also important)
*Some physicality (more important than most people think)

I don't think either PHI or CBJ can check off all those items on their top lines.

I disagree respectfully of course.

1. Great playmaker- Giroux
2. Great goal-scorer- I'll admit its still up in the air but BOS didn't have a great goal scorer on their team and won.
3. Physicality- Simmonds might be on Giroux's line. I'm not sure I like Voracek there. I think he should be with Briere and Hartnell.
June 24, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

PHI & CBJ top lines: Chemistry? It is very interesting the way both team's top lines set up.

1. Philadelphia.
JVR-Giroux-Voracek. Skinny guy-skinny guy-skinny guy. None of these guys are going to be really big bangers in the corners. Every time I think of great lines, there was usually one token gritty guy to look after the line's physicality. K.Stevens-Lemieux-Jagr. Oveckhin-Backstrom-Knuble. Probert-Yzerman-Gallant. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows. Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi. Alfie-Spezza-Heatley. Datsyuk-Z-Holmstrom.

JVR-Giroux-Voracek. Is this line physical enough to become a top tier forward line?
I don't know. I have big doubts. Hartnell-Briere-Leino has their guy, that line's OK.... but JVR-Giroux-Voracek? I think we'll see them banged around when they start playing. Drool-worthy?, we'll see.

2. Columbus
The Nash & Carter statistic about even-strength SOG is VERY interesting. Both guys have a goal to assist ratio around 1:1. That's pretty much the qualification of a goal-scorer. Is there enough puck-sharing on this line to generate offense? People think of goal-scoring (shooting) with such high regard. But most team dynasties are led by the passers (Gretzky, Lemieux, Sakic, Forsberg, Messier, Yzerman, Crosby?) All of these guys have assist to goal ratios of about 1.5:1 or better. Look at the purest goal-scorers of the last 25 years: Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Brett Hull, Mike Gartner. Not many Stanley Cups or SC appearances among that group.

An elite top line needs:
*A great playmaker (most-important)
*A great goal-scorer (also important)
*Some physicality (more important than most people think)

I don't think either PHI or CBJ can check off all those items on their top lines.
June 24, 2011
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Tim Johnston said:

Reimer All you need to know about Reimer is in the last line of that article:
"All I wanted to do was stay in Toronto. But now that’s it done, I’m going to work my heart off here[].”
June 24, 2011
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Repent Tokyo said:

how is stastny "no reality"? that statement makes no sense to me.
June 24, 2011
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Robert Esquire said:

Stastny I completely agree with Uzair above. Although I am a Sabres fan, I wouldn't trade Adam, Enroth & a 1st for him as JW suggested.

I traded for Stastny in my $ fantasy league at the start of the season. By February I traded him away. Uzair is right...the kid's all potential but no reality.
June 24, 2011
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JW said:

maya has the knife
Stastny Stastny to Buffalo for Enroth, Adam + 1st. Fingers crossed!
June 24, 2011
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Mike said:

Laviolette wild speculation, and really premature ... but if Philly gets off to a bad start next year, is Peter Laviolette the first coaching casualty because the GM will need to cover himself after this trade?

Not the first dressing room question involving a certain defenseman
June 24, 2011
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Mike said:

Columbus Just wondering. Does moving Voracek provide Nikita Filatov with a last chance to crack the top 6 in Columbus?
June 24, 2011
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Uzair said:

... I didn't like them trading Stewart but the deal will probably work out and Shattenkirk is gonna be overrated but I don't have a problem with trading Stastny.

As an Avs fan, I've consistently seen Stastny go invisible, his nick name is casper. He's considered a star player but it's so noticeable because he doesn't have great shooting or skating or stick handling or anything. He's a good playmaker but even that isn't noticeable and if some team is willing to pay up for him especially if it involves either a proven goalie and a winger or dman then it's worth it.
June 23, 2011
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Trevor Czerwinski said:

Flying Polak
colorado sniffing glue? First Stewart and Shattenkirk( never understood thinking or lack of on that trade) and now stasny. Whats going on in Colorado?
June 23, 2011
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