As a group, the panel was 2-2 last round. Ironically, the only person to choose Chicago was Mapletree Marty - who got the other three series wrong! Chris Boyle (Top 100 roto-rankings), Tom Reeve (Looking Ahead) and Justin Goldman (School of Block) lead the prognosticators with a 9-3 record. As a group, the DobberHockey Panel is 9-3.


For the third round, so far no expert is stepping up and saying "Chicago" and most of those who choose Carolina can only meekly proclaim "seven games"!




ExpertRecord After Two Rounds
Jeff Angus8-4 
Jason Arbuthnot2-2 
Chris Boyle9-3 
Matt Bugg5-3 
Ian Fergusson8-4 
Justin Goldman9-3 
Chris Holloway5-7 
Marty Kwianton5-7 
Ryan Ma8-4 
Eric Maltais7-5 
Stuart McDonald5-7 
Russ Miller6-6 
Tom Reeve9-3 
J Status7-5 
Andrew Walker5-7 



*to be updated as the picks are submitted 

ExpertPIT vs. CAR
DobberPIT in 5
DET in 5
Jeff AngusPIT in 7
DET in 5
Jason ArbuthnotPIT in 7
DET in 6
Chris BoylePIT in 7
DET in 6
Matt BuggPIT in 6
DET in 6
Ian FergussonCAR in 7
DET in 6
Justin GoldmanCAR in 7
DET in 6
Chris HollowayPIT in 6
DET in 6
Marty KwiantonPIT in 6
CHI in 7
Ryan MaCAR in 7
DET in 6
Eric MaltaisPIT in 6
DET in 6
Stuart McDonaldPIT in 6
DET in 6
Russ MillerPIT in 5
DET in 4
Tom ReevePIT in 7
DET in 4
J StatusPIT in 6DET in 5
Andrew WalkerCAR in 6
DET in 6
ConsensusPIT in 6
DET in 6


About the DobberHockey Crew:


Darryl "Dobber" Dobbs - Pens the Daily Ramblings, Monthly Rankings, and the weekly column "The Dobotomy". He also appears thrice weekly on thehockeynews.com.


Jeff Angus - Author of "Angus Unleashed" and Senior Writer for DobberHockey. Angus' thoughts sometimes appear in the Daily Ramblings as well.


Jason Arbuthnot - DobberHockey's Stats Editor and the creator of the NEW Frozen Pool section of Fantasy Tools.


Chris Boyle - Author of the monthly "Roto Rankings", which can be seen here on the 15th of every month. 


Matthew Bugg - Senior Writer for DobberHockey and author of Saturday's "Bugg Bytes" and co-author of the DobberHockey Fantasy Prospects Report.


Ian Fergusson - Author of the monthly column "An Expert's Audit", which can be seen here on the 12th of every month.


Justin Goldman - Author of the weekly column "School of Block", which can be found here every Monday.


Chris "Hallsey" Holloway - Subs in for Dobber in the Ramblings during those well-deserved vacations!


Marty "Mapletree" Kwiaton - Has penned the weekly NHL picks while the Digital Monkey is on leave. The Weekly Picks can be found here every Friday.


Ryan Ma - Author of "The Wild West" and known for his Maaasquito Buzzings, which can be found here every Tuesday.


Eric Maltais - Author of "Croaks, from the Fantasy Frog" and winner of this year's DobberHockey Expert League.


Stuart McDonald - Author of "Stu's Slant", which can be seen here every Saturday.


Russ "Comish" Miller - Pens "Eastern Edge", which can be found here every Thursday.


Tom Reeve - Creator and author of the weekly "Looking Ahead" feature, seen here every Friday.


J Status - Editor-in-chief of DobberBaseball.com, he also provides us with the "Status Report" every second Wednesday.


Andrew Walker - Hosts the monthly fantasy hockey show "Dobber Nation". Past guests have included John Buccigross, Kris Versteeg, Randy Moller, Ray Ferraro, Evander Kane and Greg Wyshynski. Found here on the 25th of each month.



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