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"Draft List", "Cheat Sheet" - call it what you want, but the bottom line is you need a reliable list to refer to when you enter your draft. For the fourth year in a row, I'm here for you. This is what started it all. It was April, 2006 and was bringing in about 20 visitors and 75 page views a day.


Now that number tops 15,000 and 60,000 on a slow day. And there's a reason for that.



You, the reader, have been happy with what DobberHockey brings to you. I like winning and when I help as many of you win as possible, I count that as my own victory. I'm not interested in second place and I want you to feel the same way. After all - second place is just the first-place loser.


So I'm arming you with this draft list. Not so much for the money - after all, this list is a shade under nine bucks when everyone else is selling theirs for 10. Not to mention that this list is practically free if you were to buy the Ultimate Sales Pack. No, this tool is not about the money. It's about setting you up as well as you can. I give you:


1) My picks. If you want my picks - and when it comes to the postseason, even the best hockey minds need some luck -  you have them. You may win with them, but since hundreds of people are buying this same list then they could win with them too. Best to add your own personal touch


2) A way to incorporate your own picks. I have every player worth picking on a spreadsheet and assigned a points-per-game value, with injuries factored in and the odds of the player being scratched from a game also factored in. Check off eight teams that will come out of the first round, and two teams that will meet in the Final - and then click "GO". The spreadsheet will take the teams you pick and extrapolate those picks into each player's prediction. It will then sort into a printable top 250 list for you.


3) An option to run different scenarios. Don't like my picks and aren't fully comfortable with your own? Try a mix of the two. Keep picking different teams, re-sort the list and print it off when you have something you like. Play with it as often as you want.




4) An option for goaltenders. Simply change the goalie option from "N" to "Y" and goalies will be automatically included on your sorted list.


5) The full lowdown on injuries and notes. Is a player back in time for the playoffs? Is he out until Game 4? Is he potentially a playoff warrior? Is he slumping down the stretch? Is he a young kid in junior who could be a surprise call up? Is he a potential dark horse?  It's all noted right there on the list.


This list is available NOW if you have an early draft. I will also update it on Sunday when the final match-ups are set. BUY NOW in my shop page , just make sure you are logged in/registered to DobberHockey first. You can pick up the list INSTANTLY in your downloads section.


Problems logging in? Email me at dobber(at)dobberhockey(dot)com


"What makes Dobber a trustworthy source for fantasy hockey analysis?"

Dobber's Resume:

-  Writer and Fantasy Hockey expert for The Hockey News at

- Contributer to several editions of The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide

- Contributer to the Forecaster annual fantasy hockey magazine

- Contributer to and partner of hockey pool manager

- Columns carried at dozens of websites online, including, and more.


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PROBLEM? In Excel you must enable Macros for the program to work. To enable Macros, open a blank spreadsheet and click "Tools". Go to "Macro" and "Security". Make sure "High" is NOT checked. Check either "Medium" or "Low". Then close Excel. Then open my spreadsheet and enable Macros. It will then work.

This Excel spreadsheet now works for Mac computers as well.


As always, any problems email me at dobber(at)dobberhockey (dot)com. Any questions, ask in the comment section below and I'll answer (that way, everyone else can see the response).



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