Download the March 2012 PDF right here.


Alongside the Top 100 this month is the completed edition of the Trade Fever: Jack of All Trades showcasing personalities in careers from A-Z.


Playoffs will have kicked off by next edition so best of luck to all poolies during the final stretch of the season and those of you currently in playoffs (H2H leagues).


Spring is upon us!


A few snippets from the Trade Fever piece:

Butcher – Unlike architects, butchers can be seen slicing and dicing their teams. Just when you think they have grown on a player or prospect, heck maybe even the team’s franchise player, butchers find a way to send them packing. No ties to any of their players. Emotionless and ruthless. Makes for an ideal trading partner!


Night Watchman – The watchman lurks while everyone is asleep. He will scavenge the league and spot out any new or relevant signings and/or waiver buzzers. It’s all in a night’s work for this sly fellow. When dawn comes, the fun is gone for the other poolies.

Traveling Circus (a.k.a league trampoline) – Joins then immediately blows up the team with poorly executed trades. League members obviously blast him, but instead of manning up, he runs to another league. This usually results in a few members benefitting from the lopsided wins, however overall the league takes a big hit.  Unless you have a really good screening / interview process, it is always a gamble bringing in replacement GMs. Especially in deep leagues where balance is crucial.

Enjoy this edition.


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