Fantasy Impact: The Carolina Hurricanes have fired their head coach Paul Maurice and have replaced him with former NHLer Kirk Muller, who was coaching the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals.


Maurice's style: Like Bruce Boudreau, Maurice is a player's coach. As with most player's coaches, his impact has a positive effect on a team for about two years, but the impact fades. It almost seems like the ideal coaching cycle for a team is "Disciplinarian Coach" for two years then "Player's Coach" for two years. Both styles seem to lose the dressing room after that timeframe.


Muller's style: A former assistant coach of the Habs, Muller learned under defensive coaches. He then coached Milwaukee for 17 games and the team sits 21st in goals per game with 2.7. That's in a tight Nashville system. Not very promising in terms of long-term fantasy outlook.


The impact on key players


Eric Staal - For the short term, this will really turn things around for him. Any coaching change would have. But in the long term, I think numbers such as "85 points" is out of reach. Not under an expected defensive system.


Cam Ward - Wins big here. The team will perform better and they'll do it by limiting chances. Ward is going to flourish both short and long term.


Jeff Skinner - His upward trajectory will continue but, much like with Staal, Skinner's ceiling gets lowered just a little.


Zac Dalpe, Zach Boychuk, Drayson Bowman - When these three get recalled (not at the same time, I mean one by one!) they should see 10 or 12 minutes instead of a ridiculous three or four. That can only help their odds of sticking in the lineup.


Joni Pitkanen, Jamie McBain, Tomas Kaberle - Kaberle gets new life, which will hurt McBain. Muller is leaving a team that had Ryan Ellis, so he has some experience using a top puck-mover to create offense. These three are better than they have shown.


Jiri Tlusty - A Paul Maurice favorite, he will be on a very short leash under a new coach. Produce quickly or get banished from the league, bottom line.


Jussi Jokinen - He played his best years under Maurice. I question his ability to perform that well under another coach and as a Jokinen owner (in one league) I am a little worried.


Tuomo Ruutu - Offensively speaking, he is a better player than he has shown under Maurice. A new coach or a change of scenery would have been good for him - and he has just been blessed with the former.


Chad Larose - When a player is playing over his head, as Larose is given his 48-point pace, the last thing he needs is for someone to rock the boat. A new coach changes everything.


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dave wong said:

head coach domino effect Any words on the Admiral's replacement? I'm curious as to how Ellis will do under a new head coach in Milwaukee. He had a slow starts but seems to have picked up recently
November 28, 2011
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Michal Sk said:

... I do owe him in very deep one year league (25 players on each of 20 teams), and he had 10 more blocked shots than anybody else on FA, when he got injured. Also the best on my team in that category. A couple of points with that, hits and shots - I am happy to have Jay on my roster, he is injured now and i did not drop him despite that...
November 28, 2011 | url
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Dobber said:

... I still don't consider Harrison a fantasy asset, sorry Mr. AHL!

Staal - I agree, sorry
November 28, 2011
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Jason Banks said:

missed player Jay Harrison is the ultimate Maurice favorite and has the potential to suffer the most...

Jay played a year with the Toronto Marlies and was the main call up and 7th man alot for Paul Maurice when he had control of the Leafs. When Paul left Jay had little opertunity in Toronto and actually left for europe then came back, just to prove he had talents that were useful in the NHL.

Jay jumped into Carolina as the 7th/8th man and bumped his way into being a stable top 6... Back under Maurice you have seen him peak into being a steady 2 way D man that is getting the minutes in a top pair.

Hopefully Jay makes his own bed with continued strong play under Muller, but the minutes will no longer be handed to him... and with him currently day to day/out of the lineup, it puts him a step behind everyone else in proving his usefulness in the lineup and ability to sustain a top end role.

Anyone who has picked him up in a DEEP lg beware... he may fall back into an un notable role. Especially if Kaberle gets his game back as dobber mentioned above, McBain is the PP loser Harrison will be the even strength loser unless the use Jay to compliment Tomas.
November 28, 2011
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Ryan said:

Jeff Skinner - His upward trajectory will continue but, much like with Stall, Skinner's ceiling gets lowered just a little.

You have just committed a cardinal sin for any hockey related writing Dobber!
November 28, 2011
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Jake said:

Justin Faulk Do you see this hurting him at all? He was getting top minutes recently but I do know Rutherford absolutely loves him. What does your crystal ball say?
November 28, 2011
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