Angus here - made some new DobberHockey wallpapers for you guys to enjoy. Feel free to request any particular players. Here are the new ones - PK Subban, Steven Stamkos, and John Tavares. 


Lockout Update: Day 16 - There is still a lockout.


Fantasy Guide - The guide was last updated…Sept. 26.



Had my first fantasy draft of the year yesterday. For the first time, I didn’t have any picks in the top 30 and as far as I can remember I've never drafted just three players. Adding to my roster, giving me 29 players - Cam Atkinson, Jonas Brodin and Nikita Nikitin.




I was surprised to see Atkinson slip so deep, as I had him fifth on my list. But in speaking with the other GM's, they were afraid that the new Rangers would take his newfound ice time. Also, one GM didn't trust his size and compared him to Ryan Shannon.

I'd be absolutely content to see Atkinson as another Shannon - because Shannon was a talented player who posted acceptable numbers in his first three NHL seasons: 44 points in 115 games. Shannon was going to be a good one - but he was derailed by injuries. Not just once, but every year. Season after season cut short. Each time he came back from injury either his tenuous place on the depth chart was gone, or his play worsened just a little bit. He is a small player and he took a beating. Had he been able to avoid it, who knows what context we'd be discussing him in now?

So with Atkinson, I'd like to see the same opportunity and at least the same results on the scoreboard as Shannon to start - but avoid the injury pitfalls.




With Brodin, I am intrigued by his offensive upside. Nobody questions his defense - it's elite and it will ensure that he will be an NHL player for years to come. But scouts rave about his underrated smarts offensively. Here is what we said about him in the Fantasy Prospects Report:

The 10th overall pick last year plays a smart, safe game. But don’t let that fool you – there is a lot of untapped offensive potential here. But to have the basics down pat, and at such an elite level (not to mention an early age) is a sure sign of NHL prosperity. He makes up for a lack of strength and bulk with his positioning and keen hockey sense. Brodin will, at the very worst, be a No.4 defenseman and top shutdown guy. At best, the sky is the limit. With an improved shot, he’ll have all the tools offensively – and that toolbox is already pretty full.


Upside – Nicklas Lidstrom-light (10-45-55+, 30 PIM)

3YP – (7-31-38, 30 PIM)

Certainty (NHL, Upside) – 95%, 30%

Expected arrival – 2013-14

DobberHockey Draft Advice – A middle-round option




Nikitin is a very underrated puck mover who tallied 32 points in 54 games for Columbus. But he's had four injuries in two seasons in North America. If he can beat the injury bug, he'll surprise.




Under-the-radar signing last week - Michael Neal to Wilkes-Barre Scranton. Neal is the brother of James, who plays for the parent club Pittsburgh. His last team was the farm team of Dallas, which was James' last team.




If you're a Florida fan and have time for a long read, the Litter Box Cats have listed (and explained in detail) the 289 players who have played for the Panthers in order.




This Nazem Kadri thing is blown way out of proportion. But maybe I'm just seeing all the backlash from too close since I live in Toronto. But come on - the guy registered the fourth-worst body fat percentage on the farm team. So what does that mean? Let's see…

So he's 26th out of 30 players? So the tops would be, what, around 6%? And the worst would be 13%? So Kadri is at maybe 12%? I'm pulling numbers out of my ass here, but the point is - I don’t believe that his number is such that a week of hard training doesn't get him back in line. So the hullaballoo is the questioning of why he would let himself go a little when he should be doing everything he can to get his career on track. That's absolutely a fair question - but one only worthy of the raising of a Spockian eyebrow and not the plastering of hundreds of headlines.

The Hockey Writers addresses the issue here.




Lockout talk: I'm encouraged by how often the two sides spoke over the weekend. The owners will be speaking to Bettman today and it looks like the sides will be back at the table again this week, but no date set as of yet.




Cam Atkinson hat trick:



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UKflames said:

Lockout comment Dobber, thank you for posting a positive lockout comment regarding how much the two sides talked over the weekend. So many media types are moaning about the subject matter rather than concetrating on the fact that both saides are talking. Work out how each side thinks by getting the small stuff out of the way then move onto the bigger issue once a better working relationship has been built.
October 01, 2012
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STONE. said:

... Nice hatty for Atkinson -- all three were nice goals (including one of the prettier empty netters you'll see!).
October 01, 2012
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