Angus here. Get your reading glasses on - my Top 50 NHL Trade Value Rankings is published in its entirety. This is a long one - enjoy!




Lockout Update: Day 4 - There is still a lockout.


Fantasy Guide update - The guide was last updated September 14.  I will announce the winners of the draw to get into the 3-Tiered Roto Invitational in 10-name spurts throughout the day. The first 30 40 50 all 60 names drawn are below. I will still draw another five names for the reserve list. Generally, we need between two and five people to sub in for those who can't make the draft or back out.


Milan Michalek suffered an abdominal injury last month and needed surgery. He is out four to six weeks. So his Band-Aid Boyness will help him get paid a little longer.


Here's Teemu Selanne's take on the lockout. It's a beauty:

"... Teams that lose money want that the rich teams would share their profits. The message of the rich is brusque - not a chance! ... Commissar Gary Bettman has a great idea to solve this: Let's take some money off the players and give it to the poor teams ... NHL complains that players get too much (57%) of the whole business. The teams have a financial risk ... True, but maybe the NHL forgets that we players have risks as well ... one hit can end our career or that one cut by a skate can even end the whole life .

NHL has warned the teams of making too long and too front-loaded contracts. ... The perfect example is Minnesota's owner Craig Leipold ... 13 year long and over 100 million dollar deals (per player) ... The next day he puts on the NHL-jacket, goes to the other side of the table and tell the same hockey world, how inconceivable these new, long deals are. Come on!"


Brendan Ross gives us Part II of his OHL predictions for the year ahead (via The Hockey Writers).


Replacement players in January of 2013 if no agreement is reached? Bill Watters says it could be done:

“There are enough free agents around and players under contract in junior, on reserve lists and in the AHL to ice a team in every city,” said Watters. “It is conceivable. It wouldn’t be a long-term thing but a union breaking move.”

It worked for the NFL in 1987.

In fact, after third week of replacement players, the crowd at old RFK stadium in Washington were chanting to the players on the picket line “stay on strike.”

The players came back soon after with their tails between their legs and a new agreement that favoured the owners.

“This is not my idea and I am not saying I like any of this,” explained Watters. “You asked me the question and I am giving you my answer. If the owners replaced the players, how long would it be before most of the regular players would be back? I think it would be within two days.”


HAHAHA - I know they backtracked on this later, but still the original idea was hilarious. The ECHL's Bakersfield Condors had a promotion for when they played Stockton on December 27 - "Our City Isn't Bankrupt Night"


Yesterday I drew 20 names out of the entries of people looking to get into the 3-Tiered Roto Invitational. Here are those 20 names again, plus the first 40 names for today. There are 60 names in all, minus the four who finished second last year and also include the two basement dwellers from the Pro Tier. That means I will be drawing 54 names - and I'll draw six more names (getting the total back up to 60) to give me a reserve list, in case some can't make the draft date.


Michael Bird

Hugo Twigg

Fraser Young

Rex Doty 

Les Khan

Chris Goodall

Paul Wood

Chris Fair

Chris Robillard

Chris Rougeau

Jonathon Munn

Justin Ciavarella

Michael Shewchuk

Brandon Nihmey

Kjell Ekdahl

Nick Aumont 

Mick Murphy

Shaun Marsh

Nick Williamson

Chris Hamm

Dave Hunchak

Adam Aldred

Jonathan Benatar

Patrick Boutin

Jim Quire

Evan Cook

jake koten

Jeremy Campbell

Brian Boake

Gregg Krentz


Philippe Gauthier
Brandon Cheung
Austin Wallace
Dave Parker (demoted from Pro)
Marcus Schalle (demoted from Pro)
Simon Castonguay (finished 2nd last year)
Rob Myatt (finished 2nd last year)
Michael Verhoeven (finished 2nd last year)
HC Dangles (finished 2nd last year - can't find his name, please contact me!)
Meelis Anton


Nicolas Roy
Travis Landry
Rob Johner
Chris Dunn
Jason Peasley
Chris Clarke
Jarret Leason
Rob Harold
Aaron Stevenson
Matt Poirier


Jon Lafontaine
Scott Prokop
Ben Burns
Ed Cunningham
Mark Perkins
Ryan Reichl
Ralph Vos
Darren McCool
Cory Kulchycki


Got this link from Puck Daddy - watch Joakim Lindstrom ram Linus Klasen's head into the ice:


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hawkdog said:

cool Got drafted!! Thanks Dobber! now let there be hockey!!
September 19, 2012
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horrorfan said:

first attempt And made the cut. smilies/smiley.gif Drawn in the same batch as you Pengwin - would be funny if we were in another league together, eh? smilies/smiley.gif
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

NoWayOut said:

... Hot damn I made the cut. Thanks Dobber. Now here's hoping the draft time doesn't conflict with work....may have to call in sick that night if it does.smilies/wink.gif cough cough wheeze
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

rikkitikki said:

... Yes made the list now I just need there to be NHL hockey.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

Pengwin7 said:

Woohoo I made the list, I made the list!
Been waiting for my shot for a few years now.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

UKflames said:

Ma A players league would never happen because it would mean players putting a substantial amount of money into the venture from their own pockets, I think the wives would have something to say about thatsmilies/cheesy.gif If the players don't put the money into the venture, where is it going to come from?? We don't have a whole host of billionaires in line to buy NHL franchises so what makes you think they will invest ina brand new league?
Plus there is no infastructure in place for all of the paperwork that comes along with something like this. Trying to find suitable venues that are not already tied to an NHL franchise could prove difficult.
Non starter and doomed to faliure if they try.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

DarthVain said:

Teemu Teemu succinctly states my two favorite points of the whole mess. I would add one more. It wasn't the players decision to expand into crappy markets that make no money, that now have to be bailed out. Why should they be the ones to eat that cost?
September 19, 2012
Votes: +1

Jeremy Campbell said:

Very excited to be in the Dobber Hockey pool It's great to see my name up there, I'm ready to put together a great team, looking forward to the draft!!!
September 19, 2012 | url
Votes: +0

JW said:

maya has the knife
Ma Interesting thought, but I don't think it would be that easy. There's no guarantee that all of the big name players would even be on board with that idea. I'm sure a good number of the European/Russian stars would prefer to head overseas and be closer to their homes and families, likely getting paid more in the process, rather than join a brand new players' league in North America. I think we would lose a great deal of talent in the process, crippling the sport tremendously.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

Ryan Ma said:

Player's owned league... Just throwing a thought out there... Is there anything that's preventing the players to just form a league of their own? I'm sure they have enough star power/resources/sponsorships/marketability to start a league on their own and get 100% of the ticket/marketing revenue for themselves instead of having to split the money with "greedy" owners.

I mean they can hold their own "fantasy draft" and pick 12-15 markets that are "profitable" then they don't have to worry about revenue sharing and floundering markets. I'm sure all of the Canadian markets, plus your big guns of New York, Boston, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington and LA could support a new up-and-coming "players' league"...

Sure they won't get major publicity or a national tv contract at the start, but with 15 teams the talent pool becomes much more condensed and you can build a league from the ground up of how it should have been done instead of over-expansion and diluting the talent pool... they can then work tv contracts/sponsorships as the league grows... I'm sure if this little venture actually pans out, the CBC, TSN, Sportsnet, NBC would all jump on very quickly guns ablazing...

I mean diehard hockey fans would still recognize household names like Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin... and they'd still pay money to go and watch a live game. They don't have to charge an exorbitant amount like the NHL, since most of it is going to the rich owner's pockets anyway, if they charge market value for ticket prices with it all profits going to the players, the players could probably make a reasonable amount of money while cutting out the middle man of the NHL... I mean as of right now, it's the player's that are putting their blood, sweat and tears on the line. They're the ones out there with a talent skating around hitting a black puck around, they're the ones that are marketing the game, selling jerseys, they're the ones that us fans are paying to watch them play... They're the ones that we spend countless hours on Dobberhockey discussing issues about... So if they're doing all of that, why are they only getting/entitled to "half" of the revenue generated?

If it doesn't work they can always go back to the bargaining table with their tails tucked between their legs and accept whatever the league has to offer, but if this "player's league" does pan out, it'd end all of the labour disputes and the players could reap in a whole heap of money.

Perhaps even the threat of the players "forming their own league" might cause the owners to start shaking in their pants a bit, that their $400-500 million enterprise could be down the tubes with nothing to show for it. That might get some of the "big cats" to start offering more options of revenue sharing, rather than to lose their entire multi-million dollar franchises...

Surely the PA must of thought about something like this? Fehr is a smart man and that could be the initiative that swings the pendulum back into the player's favour.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

SharkMeat said:

lock out What the owners miss is that watcchers and participants in the game of hockey have alternatives and if they don't help grow the market of watchers there will be even less revenue to split up....I already have lost many hockey games due to a lousy TV I will get to see no games for a while....soon no need to bother at all my attention will be on world series and football....that giant flush you hear in the background is the NHL headed for my septic tank.
September 19, 2012
Votes: +0

UKflames said:

Selanne It is easy for a player that has made his money out of the NHL to sit and snipe at the lockout. Selanne is only playing now for fun and those extra few million for the retirement fund, so he has nothing to lose. He would probalby retire after this season anyway, so however this turns out will have very little if any effect on him at all.
Tell me he's bothered about the players that will follow in his footsteps, I don't think so.
September 19, 2012
Votes: -1

spanyon said:

... But who would actually go watch the replacement NHL players play? Not a chance I'm paying top dollar to go watch a bunch of second-tier players. I don't care if the logo still says
September 19, 2012
Votes: -1

DuklaNation said:

... Tell Selanne this, Leipold is forced to sign those deals to get those players as thats the market price. He wants a system that prevents the market price getting to that point. So why is it that hard for Selanne to understand this paradigm? Because the NHL is not a pure market driven by plain vanilla supply/demand. These rules are in place to balance the playing field between rich vs poor markets/teams. Why doesnt he argue against the draft? I'd like him to defend guaranteed contracts vs the normal marketplace. Scott Gomez would be in major lawsuit right now.
September 19, 2012
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