Congrats to Norfolk for winning the Calder Cup. They swept the Marlies. In their last 43 games, the Admirals have lost three games. Impressive to say the very least.


Tyler Johnson had four points and six shots on goal for Norfolk today in their 6-1 series-clinching win.


Cory Conacher had four helpers.


What better way to celebrate the weekend than with DobberHockey's latest and greatest - the 2012 Prospects Report?

Pick it up here.


According to Bob McKenzie, the Lightning could put an enticing package together for Kings goaltender Jonathan Bernier.


Their best trade chip is winger Brett Connolly. I don’t think they would part with big Victor Hedman. The Kings would love to add a young forward with Connolly’s skill set. Tampa Bay would have to make the package more enticing by adding another few pieces, though.


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Here are my five favourite items in the collection.


An interesting read from NHL numbers on Nino Niederreiter’s dismal rookie season.


 “The company Niederreiter kept in the shot department is much more consistent with what we would expect from a talent of his caliber. I have no idea what happened to him in 2012, but he isn't nearly as bad as his production would otherwise suggest. He may end up flaming out eventually, but in his ugly looking rookie season Niederreiter proved that he can at least get the puck to the net in the NHL.

The next step is actually converting those shots into chances and production. He may never do it, but it's way too early to write Niederreiter off.”

The Ducks gave Patrick Maroon a one year extension.


Maroon led the AHL affiliate in Syracuse with 74 points in 75 games in 2011-12. Philly drafted him but traded him a few years ago because of apparent character issues (which have yet to be an issue in Anaheim).


Maroon played a bit with the Ducks last season, but he should get a lengthy look at camp this fall for a top nine spot with the big club.


A potential on ice reason why Radulov caused some friction in Nashville – shift length. Radulov took the second longest shifts on the team, trailing only Ryan Suter. Too long for a forward, and it obviously didn’t get him in Barry Trotz’s good books. Will be interesting to see if he returns to the KHL. With the uncertainty around the CBA I imagine a lot of these guys will look elsewhere with NHL opt out clauses.


Pierre LeBrun says to keep an eye on the Carolina Hurricanes regarding Jordan Staal. Staal becomes a UFA next summer – the same time as Sidney Crosby.


The Hurricanes would obviously love to unite the Staal brothers.


A trade could work for Pittsburgh if they think Staal may be too rich for their blood. Brandon Sutter isn’t far off from Staal, as he looks to be on his way to developing into one of the better young centers in the game. The Hurricanes also have a number of impressive young defensemen with low cap hits who would definitely interest the Penguins.


Sutter + McBain for Staal, as a starting point?


The top 10 hits of the postseason (so far).


Undersized center Tyler Johnson has had an impressive playoff run in the AHL for Norfolk.


He was a star in the WHL with Spokane (I remember him being a creative offensive player whenever I got the chance to watch him play). In his final WHL season (2010-11), Johnson scored 53 goals and had 115 points for the Chiefs.


The Lightning signed him as a free agent – due to his lack of size and perceived lack of skating ability, he slipped through the draft multiple times.


It will be interesting to see how he does – he is doing a great job at the AHL level, but we have seen many good undersized skilled forwards who have failed to take the next step up to the NHL.


Are the Islanders still high on Calvin de Haan? Should they be? He has battled some serious injuries over the past few years, and the Isles have had some young guys come in and jump ahead of him on the depth chart.


He’s never going to be a defensive or physical guy, and needs to contribute positively from an offensive/transition standpoint to earn a spot with the big club this fall. I don’t think he will become the offensive force many expected/hoped when he was picked in the first round, but it is too early to write off such a talented prospect.


Aaron Ness is another Islanders defenseman who could crack the roster, but I think the one to watch this fall is Matt Donovan.


A lengthy look at several of the gameplay advances in store for NHL 13:

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Rollie1967 said:

... Im also thinking the Connolly/Luongo deal is more likely (other parts involved as well). As good as Bernier maybe- He hasnt played much, and St.Louis and Vinnie arent getting younger- and Vinnies contract isnt going anywhere.
Now if Martin Jones- or one of the other LA goalie prospects is ready- that may mean the Kings feel comfortable moving Bernier,but i dont think thats the case.Throw in the fact the Kings are in the finals (and probably going to win) and I dont seem them changing much,especially moving young players who are signed.
June 10, 2012
Votes: +0

InnocentBystander said:

... in fantasy circles, hedman has been a frustrating player for impatient owners, but there is no way yzerman will be impatient with him.
hedman is one of the most valuable young assets in the game and his potential is undoubtably elite.
if everything falls into place for hedman, he will be even more valuable to the lightning in a few years than stamkos.
he could very well become the best defensive defensman in the game. yzerman won't move him.
June 09, 2012
Votes: +0

Brady19 said:

Bernier to TB Not that I disagree that Connolly is TB's best trade bait... I just have a hard time picturing LA trading a great asset like Bernier for the oft-injured Brett Connolly when they could keep Bernier, and Toffoli could fill the same role that Connolly would have.

I think if Yzerman uses Connolly as trade bait somewhere, the Canucks would be a more likely place. Connolly is from BC, and he would be a good fit on the 2nd line in my opinion.
June 09, 2012
Votes: -1
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