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The winning formula - your hunch combined with my player knowledge! Why is that great? Because you know what teams will get out of the first round and you have a good idea what two teams will make it to the final! The problem is - you just want to make sure you get the right players in the right order.


Enter Dobber.


I have ranked the players value in the playoffs. Why is my opinion so great? Besides the fact that I study these guys 24/7, you mean? Hey - I'm a statistician. I'm not like most bonehead writers who can't put two numbers together. I'm a numbers guy!


If my opinion isn't valuable, then I guess the good people at The Hockey News, XM Radio, Pool Expert, The Fourth Period, The Forecaster, etc. are all wrong to come to me for fantasy content. 


DobberHockey.com is the No.1 source for all things fantasy hockey. Knowing this, it should be easy for you decide if you want my help to win your office pool ...or if you'd rather give some wannabe your business.


Go from this:                                                                               To this:

















How it works:


1) You check eight boxes. These boxes are in front of the eight teams that you feel will come out of the first round.


2) You select two teams from the two drop boxes that you think will make it to the final. 






Complicated? Sigh. Fine. I'll give you a picture of what it looks like:



draft list 01



This is what you'll be checking. Eight checks, two drop boxes, and then the "GO" button. Below is a list of players that will sort based on your selection of what teams do well this post season. You are left with a printable list of over 200 players in order of how you select them. 


Here is what the playoff list will look like:


DobberHockey Playoff Draft List 2


What you need: 1) Microsoft Excel 2) Macros ENABLED (to do this go to "Tools" and "Macros" and "Security" in your Excel and make sure "High" is not selected). 3) A printer. That's it!



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Not sold yet? I don't know what else I can do, short of mailing you your playoff pool winnings right now. I'll tell ya what, I'll give you a Dobber Guarantee: If you correctly choose six of the eight teams that make it to the second round and correctly choose both Stanley Cup finalists...and use this list, you will win. I guarantee that, or I'll refund your money. $7.75



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