After what has seemed like decades of speculation, prospect Carl Soderberg has finally decided to come to the NHL. The Boston Bruins inked the 27-year-old forward to a three-year contract with an unofficial cap hit of $866,667. The first year of the deal will be lost when he joins the Bruins within the next few days but having such a talented forward locked up for multiple years at such a low cost is a big deal for both the Bruins and his fantasy hockey potential.


The Bruins will have a tough cap situation this summer when three of their large contract extensions for forwards Tyler Seguin, Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand take effect. The team will have $58 million committed to 17 players. They will put Marc Savard’s $4 million on long-term injured reserve but that still puts them in a tough spot under the $64.3 million salary cap ceiling. The main players to be re-signed are forwards Nathan Horton (UFA), Jaromir Jagr (UFA) and Jordan Caron (RFA), defenseman Andrew Ference (UFA) and goaltenders Tuukka Rask (RFA) and Anton Khudobin (UFA).


The team could make use of amnesty buyouts but nobody on the roster jumps out as an albatross salary. Rather, the team could seek options on the trade market to reduce the salary cap and let most of the unrestricted free agents walk. This is where Soderberg, along with fellow prospects such as Ryan Spooner ($870,000) and Jared Knight ($870,000), come into play. These players are good enough to contribute in the NHL but more importantly carry a small cap hit to help the team keep its core intact.


Soderberg brings a lot of versatility to the table and can play anywhere up front. This will help him integrate into the lineup immediately and produce. His short-term upside is a mystery but depending on his role could be a decent contributor in a variety of scoring formats. Should both Jagr and Horton leave the team this summer, he would have a chance to move up the depth chart as a winger and produce good offensive numbers next year.


The key is that Soderberg is an older and much more polished prospect who has had success overseas for years. Treat him like Roman Cervenka a year ago. He probably does not have the elite-level upside of the top prospects of the world but given his experience will be able to produce immediately. There is much less risk of a slow development curve like we see with many younger prospects. While many love to gamble for a home run pick, there is certainly value in safer prospects when we can be assured of quality production. Soderberg has a good chance of doing just that.







Last week’s look at mostly off-the-radar and cheap prospects received some good reviews so here are five more who recently signed entry-level contracts:


Andrey Pedan (D) – New York Islanders

Contract: $792,500 (3 years)
Strength: roto league (points/PIM combo player)


Derek Forbort (D) – Los Angeles

Contract: $863,333 (3 years)
Strength: opportunity (former first-round pick, but college stats are inconclusive)


Garret Ross (LW) – Chicago

Contract: $636,667 (3 years)
Strength: roto league (points/PIM combo player)


Rylan Schwartz (C) – San Jose

Contract: $650,000 (2 years)
Strength: points (good college production, may be underrated PIM guy)


Seth Griffith (RW) – Boston

Contract: $759,167 (3 years)
Strength: points (great junior numbers, may be underrated PIM guy)


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MacLiii said:

... Well, not so fast. Looks like the Bruins are going to take it in the chin because Ottawa wouldn't release Zibanejad from his AHL duties to play in the World Juniors so the Swedish Federation is striking back by blocking Soderberg from leaving.
April 12, 2013
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Captain Krunch said:

Captain Krunch
... I can't wait!!...but I'm going to have to...I'm not a die-hard Boston fan, but they are tough to root agiainst!! They have some mercurial talent in their system right now. If Jagr re-signs with Boston, & Soderberg adapts well to the North American game, it might be safe to make some predictions! They will rule a majority of the ice surface in most situations. I can't imagine them at an even better state. If their power play improves & they lower their GA/G, they'd be a top4 team, instantly (maybe I should say obviously!). In my keeper league, we can only retain guys in their rookie year (or you could jump early on a guy if you're willing to wait if he's not in the NHL), so CArl isn't available, but this little audition we might get, will be interesting to watch for next season. He seems very level headed coming over, so you HAVE to think he will be better than some of what we see over here. I love the world wide aspect of Hockey. It's such a team game. I think his age will mesh well with the infusion of youth they have. They are very good/close to great across the board, in player age, skill players, depth at each positon, role players, & they just organized some of their top-6 with contract extensions. It will ne worth watching to see how the money works for him. I'm guessing he could get MUCH more out of a Euro team, so BOS may be on the hook to lock him up at Euro rates & quite possibly in the 5+ year range, which changes him as a player, as well as a teammate. If he produces next to some of these kids for the next season, season & a half, but makes 1/5 or 1/6 of what they make, well, I'd be willing to bet that Sweden has/will leave an offer on the table that pays the guy 4+ million a year. Not to mention the promotional aspect/endorsement money stream. Euro leagues market their products,or sponsors, much more adamantly then we do. NOt sure how much of that actually gets to the players, but for a top scorer, I'm guessing they could create a clause. Overall, I am truly excited for him to get over here & play Hockey. Not gonna lie, I don't think I want Sweden to do well....just my .02
April 12, 2013
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