Who are the DobberHockey Black Aces? 2013-14 Edition.

What started as a growing team of hockey enthusiasts focused on bringing you hockey insight and accurate in depth information, has now become a staple of the Dobber Sports community. If by chance you are unfamiliar with the contributions of the Black Aces, this article will give you a quick rundown and the details needed to participate. 


November 12th 2010

On this day, two forum sections were created after a very competitive contest in the forums - Tim Lucarelli's "Dub's Take" as well as Gates Imbeau & Brandon Praba's PG Advised. 

Within a few months, PG Advised opened the floodgates to many aspiring writers and hockey enthusiasts. Growing in numbers every day, the section eventually broke off into four divisions - GMGates' Office, PG Advised, NHL Team Coverage and Brendan Ross' OHL Coverage. This four headed monster soon became known as the Black Aces project.


September 2013

Just a couple of months shy from its unofficial third anniversary, the Black Aces section has produced many of your favorite contributors to date.  Today, there are 14 Dobber Sports writers and staff that have been "called up from the minors" on a fulltime bases.  Take a look (listed in order of graduation):

Tim Lucarelli –
DobberProspects [prev. Eastern Edge (2011-12)]
Gates Imbeau - Assistant Manager of Dobber Sports [prev. Top 100 Roto (2011-13)]
Brendan Ross –
Managing Editor of DobberProspects, The Dean's List (2011)
Steve Laidlaw – Associate Editor of DobberHockey [prev. Cage Match (2011-13)]
Mac Vincent – Dobber Sports Forum Manager [prev. DobberBaseball (2011-13)] 
Eric Daoust – Capped, DobberProspects, [prev. Fantrax Quick Hits (2012-13)] 
Michael Amato – Associate Editor of DobberHockey [prev. Wild West (2012-13)]
Tim Graveline – DobberProspects
Rick Roos –
Cage Match [prev. Holding Court (2012-13)] 
Bob Fisher – Looking Ahead
Rex Doty - DobberProspects, DobberHockey
(2013-14) Dallas Guzzwell - Frozen Pool Forensics
(2013-14) Tom Collins - Frozen Pool Forensics
(2013-14) Austin Wallace -
Top 100 Roto, DobberProspects

The following six members also added their fair share of contributions to the Dobber Sports Network: 

Ryan Goddard –
prev. Capped, prev. DobberProspects (2011-12)
Miika Arponen – prev. DobberProspects (2011-13) 
Brandon Landry – prev. IR Report, prev. Fantrax Quick Hits (2011-12)
Peter Harling – prev. IR Report (2011-12)
Yas Guthe – prev. DobberProspects (2011-12)
Evan Hotham – prev. DobberProspects (2011-12)

Note that the Black Aces program also brought the forum its NHL team coverage via the Eastern Conference / Western Conference, as well as the Your League Chat section and the Daily Studs & Duds.


So how do I sign up?

Black Aces

The Black Aces, also known as the DobberHockey Farm team, proudly encourages the Dobber Sports community and its forum members to showcase their writing talent.  Whatever the topic, if you have the itch to write hockey (or any sport for that matter), stop by the Black Aces headquarters and let it out. Who knows, your article may be the next one to be "called up from the DobberHockey minors".

Studs & Duds

For the third straight year, the Studs & Duds daily feature via the forum will resume, and we are looking to fill up the remaining days for the 2013-14 season. At the time of publishing, only three days remain. If you are interested, feel free to post in that respective thread. You can also reach out to myself (email below) or Shakedown (PM via forum).

Should you like to participate, but maybe not on a weekly basis, feel free to contact me. It is always nice to have floaters, or even biweekly switch ups in order to keep things fresh. Either way, make sure you stop in to check this daily feature, as you will find that it pairs up quite nicely with the DobberHockey ramblings.    

DobberHockey Newsfeed
If you are not a fan of the limelight, but you are still very interested in joining the team, Dobber Sports is always looking to bolster its DobberHockey newsfeed team. The task here is to help our community stay on top of the daily hockey happenings (news, injury, streaks etc…).  For specific examples click here

We are looking to slot in two members per day for a total of 14 contributors. If interested in any of the above, feel free to email me – gates at dobbersports dot com.

While we are on the "signing up for" topic, the DobberProspects crew is looking for a couple of fresh faces.  Currently, we have Edmonton and Boston available. As you know, DobberProspects delivers a wealth of prospect knowledge and the team over there does a fantastic job in highlighting team by team talent. For details on these positions, check out the job opportunity here and email me your application.


Look forward to hearing from you!

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Joeburst said:

... Gates -
Just checking in to see when the next Top 100 Roto list will be out. Again, that list is amazing.
Let me know.
September 17, 2013
Votes: +1

GMGates said:

... Hi Joe,

Glad the team can provide you with all of the fantasy hockey fodder you need to succeed. As for the Top 100 Roto, it is due to be released on September 15th by our very own Austin Wallace. Stay tuned.
September 08, 2013
Votes: +1

Joeburst said:

... GM Gates -

The contributions by you and the rest of the Black Aces is another big reason why Dobber Hockey is unmatched in Fantasy Hockey coverage.

You articles and insight are awesome.

Any date yet for the newest Top 100 Roto list? This is one of the lists I always use as part of my draft prep.

Keep up the great work!

Regards, Joe
September 08, 2013
Votes: -2
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