Who are the DobberHockey writers? You read their articles every day, now it is time to go behind the scenes. Throughout the summer, each writer will be put in the spot light and will share a little bit about themselves, their columns and some upcoming predictions. Next up is Anthony Lancione. 





Name : Anthony Lancione


Twitter : @anthisdaman


Column : Bi-weekly Saturday NHL Picks via DobberHockey.

Favorite Team? Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite Player? All-Time: Mark Messier, Current Day: John Tavares

First Fantasy League? Year? 1st round Pick? 1996 Playoff Pool - Sergei Fedorov, 1998 Regular Season Pool - Joe Sakic

As a Saturday Pick’em contributor for DobberHockey, do you put money down on your own predictions? If yes, what was your biggest win(s)?

I usually like to utilize a Round-Robin Parlay, which essentially gives you all of the combinations of the teams you select -- in groups of 2's, 3's, 4's etc. This method allows you to make money even if you don't get perfect marks. However, I'm actually more of a futures guy. My biggest payout was in 2008, when I successfully predicted (with $ down) that Pittsburgh and Detroit would return to the finals--Wagers were for who would win the Eastern & Western Conference Titles. Payouts netted me over $2,000 combined! 




If you could give a percentage on your track record, how well have you done thus far?


Well I typical average in the low 60% range. In 2011, My season ending Dobber percentage was well over my average rate, sitting pretty at 67%(a clean two thirds correct). Whereas in 2012, I dipped below my average to 55%-- which still isn't too shabby I suppose. But as you can see my average clip I've been hitting at over the past 2 years closes out around 61%


Is there a particular pattern that sticks out the most when picking winners and over/unders?


No patterns typically enter the fray except for when I notice historical trends of certain matchups. I naturally tend to go against teams who seem to have a certain opponent grizzled into their psyche. I.e. Red Wings regular season issues with Minny when Harding plays. Etc... Standard stuff. I look at far too many evolving intangible variables though to really set down on a given pattern or trend for any general rules of thumb.


Your bio on the columnist page mentioned you being the “statman”, care to discuss?


Haha! Any close friend or even reasonably acquainted fellow poolie of mine will tell you, I am and always have been a student of historical tallies ---across the board--- in the sport. Reading almanacs as a kid and studying thousands upon thousands of hockey card career stat pages was a big time hobby of mine growing up.


Obviously, comparing statistical accomplishments from generation to generation has an apples-to-oranges effect, but I still use a wide array of player production numbers over the years as a barometer of relation from era to the next. Though like inflation/deflation, I like to factor in a multiplier formula to equate differing eras. I.e. Bossy's 60 goals in the mid 80's=49 goals today etc… based on a loose equivalency percentage point.  


When you first log on, what are your go-to sites? Reads?


Nick Cotsonika & Greg Wyshnyski of PuckDaddy's yahoo sports,, Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts, & of course, last but not least, (plug time!!--mind you I was a reader before a writer!)


What is your favorite hobby / pastime away from the keyboard?


Playing soccer, hockey, listening to & downloading a wide array of music (electronic more so than others), watching movies & of course travelling whenever I get a chance to! One month countdown to my next euro trip in fact!

Where will you be going?

I'll be heading off to Greece for an island hop tour for nice days, followed by a few days in Prague, Rome and possibly Berlin (this spot is still to be confirmed though).

Do you enjoy culture over the tropics?

I like to mix it up. I love the tropics, but I also enjoy adventure and opening my horizons up to the world. Thus culturally, it’s a pleasure to see different parts of Europe. I'm really excited.

Finally, biggest disappointment in 2012-13? Team? Player?


My Leafs of course! I traveled to Ottawa in Early February to see them hammer the Sens 5-0 and climb to within a point of them for 6th place, only to COMPLETELY collapse in the worst way!


I'll break down my reply in 2 degrees of player disappointment ...


Elite expectation fail- Ryan Getzlaf -- Reason: 

This perennial superstar played all 82 games this past season, yet until April 3rd, was still stuck on single digit goals on the campaign!


Mid-Range expectation Fail- Nicolai Kulemin -- Reason: 
After breaking out for 30 goals in the 2010/11 season and netting 61 over his first 3 seasons, Kulemin laid a huge egg last year maxing out at a futile 7! This after leading Ilya Kovalchuk for 2nd most goals by a Russian in the NHL until the final week of the prior season.


Next up will be Michael Amato on Tuesday.

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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
... I enjoy these Meet the Writers articles! I always read your NHL picks, but have never played Proline or whatever else. Big wuss, I know. Anyway, great to learn about you Anthony!
July 22, 2012
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Dobber said:

... Good stuff. Very interesting, great series
July 21, 2012
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