This offseason edition of the Top 100 Roto Players
brings you hockey enthusiasts an excellent new series: “Hockey Analytics” by Doran Libin. Better known as Big_DL on the DobberHockey forums, Doran delivers a quality piece (and introduction) on the benefits of advanced metrics. Under the Poolie Journals title, we are handed a chance to explore a new side of analyzing statistics, giving us a great advantage over our fellow managers and competition. Be sure to check it out on page 19.


In other news, DobberHockey forum member “Sudden Death” has taken the task of covering the  Los Angeles Kings. If you haven’t checked out our Team Coverage section’s talent, make your way over and be sure to ask the contributors a question or two!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a 24-plus team Dynasty? If yes, members from both the United Hockey League and International Dynasty Hockey League give interesting insight through journals and testimonials on their respective roster drafts and its results.

In case you missed it, our regular contributor and OHL expert, Brendan Ross, has been promoted to the DobberHockey front line, along with former “Dub and Chase” writer Tim Lucarelli. Tim now covers Russ Miller’s Eastern Edge, out every Thursday, while Brendan humbly takes a load off of Matt Bugg’s plate, and will soon publish frequent in-depth prospect reports. Congrats to both, well deserved.

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GMGates said:

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Nate, you bring up a good point. One that I have shared for the last little while as well. Expect the 2011-12 edition (series, rather) of the Roto Guide to be much different than the one you see before you. Version 2.0, if you will.

The chart will change, the values will be altered, more categories will be in consideration etc.. etc..

Now, the line between assessing a player's keeper value vs. "win now" will always be a double-edge sword. Guys like Marty St. Louis simply scream it. However, I will never fault someone for drafting Bobby Ryan ahead of the likes of Zetterberg, Parise or Carter. He is younger, and "sexier" in terms of value - but if I had to pit them H2H, and go for the win, I'd put my money on the latter three. Again, that is only my opinion.

Thing is, one player does not make a team. You have to build chemistry. I mean that in the way that you have to mix and match to compare strengths with weaknesses. I’ll admit, it is a bold statement to have Burrows ranked where his is, but he is only one where removed from a 35G, 32A, plus-34, 121 PIM, 209 SOG and 6 PPP season. Those are amazing numbers in five of six categories. (and his 2010-11 season wasn't bad either)

Granted, when the new charts come out – Burrows may see a slip. We’ll soon see.

Love the discussion – it’s about time!

July 15, 2011
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Nate said:

Keeper Growth These charts are great, and I can appreciate the fact that it's next to impossible to please everyone with them. That being said, I always feel like they fail to truly consider future growth as a category. Obviously it's impossible to know the future, but I think at least some amount of "upside" should be implied on this list, and right now I'm really not seeing much.

If you're in a keeper league like me, you know that sometimes you take the player who will be better next year over the player that has one or two more good years left in him. For example, Eric Staal, Bobby Ryan, Claude Giroux, all examples of players that I could get 5, 10+ great years out of. They're all going to get top minutes moving forward, they're not injury prone, and they all can perform at elite levels. Especially Ryan if HITS were counted (don't get why they're not) I would certainly take any of those players over Danny Heatley, who is coincidentally ranked higher on one of the lists. In fact, I would even take them over someone like Zetterberg, or Parise, or Carter. Zetterberg is getting old (though he's still great), Parise has injury question marks, and will Carter perform with Nash? Is Alex Burrows really worth that much?
July 15, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Love it Mercy... I enjoy those Black Aces contribution.
Nice addition from Big_DL.
I wasn't sure I had time to read it all but I got hooked with the following line:
"We will find out exactly what they measure and whether they can be used to benefit, all in an attempt to be more like Pete than Andre."

LOL. Nice edition!
July 15, 2011
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