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For your listening pleasure - put it on your Ipod or just listen in on your computer! Dobber Nation appears on the 25th of every month, except December (Christmas). Let's talk some fantasy hockey!



Brian Kom makes his Dobber Nation debut as the host, and he talks some Atlanta Thrashers with play-by-play man Dan Kamal, Hockey Prospectus writer Tom Awad, as well as Dobber himself.


You can download the file in our Dobber Nation page (click HERE) or on ITunes



For your listening pleasure - Episode 21 can be found via the "Radio Show" link in the menu on the left.


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SM said:

... Alright!!!!!! Missed the podcasts greatly - I could stand them every week if you guys could do it....
January 26, 2011
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steve laidlaw said:

Welcome Back! I missed this. Great to have it back. Great show this month.
January 25, 2011
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