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Corey Stillman I don’t want to be rude here but it looks like your team is living off of surprise stories this season. In my opinion Brind’Amour, Erat, Ribeiro, Stillman and arguably Kovalev weren’t supposed to contribute like they have this season; your defensemen don’t score much but they’re adequate in other areas of the fantasy game and your goalies are the best part of your team. Unfortunately, you only count one goalie category in your pool so that devalues goalie stats considerably.

In looking at your league standings it seems apparent that the only way for you to make up the 10 roto points you need to solidify into the money spots is by improving in DG (defensemen goals). If you can find 10 more goals above status quo (what you’re producing now) then you’ll gain seven roto points in DG alone including two-point swings as you pass the first and fourth place teams. If you can find those 10 roto points, you’ll be in the money.

Waiver Wire Options

You don’t have a waiver wire per se to go out and get a guy for your team, you have a mid-season draft to prepare for though. Your team is too old and you need to figure out ways to get younger with more talent, if you want to succeed next year. You had an immediate option of picking up Ilya Zubov as a FA since he was drafted to start the season and has since been cut loose. It only cost you a low end D man (Trevor Daley) that you had no plans for anyway so you picked him up. Zubov is listed in 17th on Dobber’s most recent Prospect’s report with an 85-point ceiling. It was a free move and gave you an option down the road so that was our first decision. In order for you to get a replacement for your roster you need to acquire a draft pick for the mid-season draft. You’ve previously traded away both of your mid-season draft picks. Draftable names who can help you include Dustin Byfuglien, Tom Gilbert, Matt Niskanen, Daniel Girardi, and some young kids like James Sheppard, TJ Oshie, and Patrick Berglund.

Trading Options

You will have three priorities for the remainder of the season.
1)    trade for at least one goal-scoring defenseman.
2)    trade for at least one mid-draft pick to secure some more youth for your team.
3)    trade some of your goalie depth preferably for a front line forward and a goal scoring defenseman (if you can get that)

We first had to decide which defensemen could be acquired, obviously we couldn’t go after anyone that his owner had no interest in moving. We targeted Sheldon Souray, Sergei Gonchar, Matt Green, Joni Pitkanen, Cristoph Schubert, Filip Kuba, Michal Rozsival, Mark Streit, and Sami Salo in various offers and none were successful although we’re still working on some offers there. We also have to target for some draft picks for the midseason draft since there are some decent options for DG that you could pick in that draft that might serve as solutions to your problem. In our discussions we suspect that Buff-lin will go with the first pick in that draft even though there are some prospects still unsigned and still sitting in your FA pool. In terms of long term potential I could make an argument that TJ Oshie will be better than Bfugly (as I call him), and Patrick Berglund or James Sheppard could arguably be better long term options than any of the D presently sitting undrafted in your league. These are not the names that belong undrafted in a keeper pool.

To try and accomplish our goals we started firing off trade suggestions. Our priorities were a goal scoring defenseman, at least one mid draft selection, and to deal from goalie depth for a front line forward and goal scoring D preferably.

Some examples of trade offers sent are:

- Mathew Lombardi, Chris Phillips, and a 5th round entry pick for Mike Green, Joni Pitkanen and 1st and 2nd round mid draft picks (essentially waiver picks). At the time we made the offer Green hadn’t taken off like he had, he’s scored six goals in the last month to double his production. Nothing happened with this deal and nothing’s likely to happen now that he’s become a goal-scoring monster.

- Miikka Kiprusoff and Craig Rivet for Daniel Alfredsson and Sheldon Souray (I thought that one wasKipper going to fly). This offer began when the other owner initially offered Alffy and Keith Tkachuk for Kipper, so it isn’t a big stretch to go to something like you suggested.

- Chris Phillips and Craig Rivet for Michal Rozsival. For PIMs and +/- this was a decent offer but the other guy didn’t respond in any way.

- Miikka Kiprusoff for Daniel Briere and Joe Corvo. In many leagues this flies easily but in this one, there was no response and no counter offer.

- Chris Phillips, Craig Rivet, 9th and 10th round entry picks for Mark Streit. What amounted to four players for one player? No response.

- Chris Phillips, Craig Rivet, 9th and 10th round entry picks for Filip Kuba and 1st round mid draft pick. There’s certainly room for negotiation here but again, nothing happened.

Some leagues just don’t want to trade their guys to someone on the cusp of the money, and in a month of firing off trade offers, nobody bit. There were a couple counter-offers but nothing that went anywhere. One trade offer sent out has sat on the trade table for going on three weeks now, unaddressed. I can’t tell if this an “I’m too busy to answer you” response or a “that’s a brutal offer and I’ll just leave it on the table” response. Some traders take offers very personally and let me just say, an offer is just an offer. If you see something you like then pursue it, if you don’t see anything then find something you do like or just respond with a “no thanks”. A first offer that you hate is only a first offer and in a keeper league one never knows what an owner’s intent is when he makes a deal. I’ve seen trades made that shouldn’t have been made but for some reason a guy wanted it so it was done.


Keep trying taxman. You have your trading priorities in front of you and you’re going to want to get moving on it very soon before the other teams leave you in the dust in DG. You know the game plan, you know what you need and you know that the way to do it is by continuing to offer trades to get to that end. You’re not being unreasonable. You do need to move a little in the other guy’s direction in order to get something done but you’re not really getting the chance to do that yet. Eventually, you’ll get there. If you can find those few DG that you need then you’ll have enough to get to the end.

An Expert’s Audit will be published monthly both on DobberHockey and on my blog at . The next Dobber Audit is due near the middle of February 2008. If you want your team to be considered for an audit submit your request to Dobber now so that we can start sorting through the candidates.


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