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Welcome once again to “An Expert’s Audit”. This audit will be posted here as well as on my fantasy hockey blog at Hockey Analysis . During the season I do weekly reviews of teams for people who email in to me for a look-see, they’re less indepth but just as much fun. Dobber audits will continue to appear here monthly and if you’re interested in having your keeper team “worked over” then you can begin by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about it BEFORE January 19th.


This month, and every month through March, not only does a lucky entrant get his or her team audited, but he or she also receives a FREE book courtesy of Firefly Books . The winner will receive either "Shooting From the Lip " or "Hockey Now! "


Barry Allen is the Flash, he’s also a mild-mannered manufacturer from Prince George (that’s in Northeastern BC for the geographically challenged).  That really is his name and he’s named his team accordingly.  He plays in a 12 team points only dynasty pool with a unlimited minor league farm.  They also give bonus points for special teams points (.25) plus 2 pts for a goalie win and 2 more for a shuttie.  Barry is mired in 10th and things don’t look good for this season, or much for the future either.


Let's see if we can take a look at The Flash!    


C Jeff Carter PHI – I’m still mad my Leafs could’ve had him AND a 1st rounder for Kaberle last year.  Cement this guy into your lineup for the next decade.
C Mikko Koivu MIN – he doesn’t get nearly enough press playing in a market like that but in the end he could even end up as with a better career than his brother (and his bro has been no slouch).
C Sam Gagner EDM – talent oozes out of him and most recently he finally looks to have developed some chemistry with Cole.  The stats are starting to come again.
C Brandon Dubinsky NYR – doobie-doobie-do is leading their kiddie corps in scoring and at 22 is in line for a decent career as a C2.
LW Sergei Samsonov CAR – I’m just not a fan.  I’ll be encouraging you to move him elsewhere asap and you should be able to find a taker amongst the big fish in the pond.
LW Patrick O'Sullivan LA – just wait until all the secondary scoring bursts on to the scene for the Kings, they are going to be big and O’Sully will be a star.  Hear me now and believe me later.  No wait, believe me now too.
LW Robert Nilsson EDM – ok, I’m going to say this … he has the skills to be Pavel Datsyuk.  Yes, I said it.  I’ve been waiting for him to burst on to the scene but to keep it in perspective, he’s only 24 (actually a couple days ago, Happy Birthday kid.  Now go score a goal).
LW Niklas Hagman TOR – I was wrong about Loui Eriksson saying that he’s just another Hagman.  Now I’m hoping that Hagman can be another Eriksson.  I like his solid 2 way play and I truly believe that more goals will come.
RW J.P. Dumont NAS – he’s surprised this season but is it really that much of a surprise?  He’s been close to a pt/game in the past and his good health is keeping him on the ice and leading the charge.
RW Bobby Ryan ANA – there’s a reason he was taken 2nd overall in Sid’s draft, the kid can score goals.  He’s getting opportunity of late and you’ll love every one of the many chances this kid gets to contribute.
RW Martin Havlat CHI – when healthy or not suspended for kicking guys like a little girl then she can really play the game very well.  You don’t think you’ll get 82 games from her this season do you?
RW Martin St. Louis TB – he’s got a 100 pt season in his pocket and since you don’t have to worry about +/- then he’s gold.  I’m sure that you could get a boatload of talent if you trade him and we’ll see what we can do.
D Marc-Andre Bergeron MIN – he’s worn out his welcome on the last 2 teams he’s played for but he definitely has a CANNON that is very useful on the PP point.  Since +/- isn’t scored in your league and special teams stats give you a bonus he actually has a fair amount of value in this format.  He was putting together a really good season before a knee injury IR’d him.
D Ryan Suter NAS – he is to Weber what Rafalski is to Lidstrom, except he’s bigger and tougher.  Nice combination and a really good keeper option.
D David Oduya NJ – if only +/- were a factor.  In a league like yours he has little value for the offense he generates.
D Ryan Whitney PIT – he’s back and slowly getting back up to speed.  By the time you need him he’ll anchor your D for a few years.
D Andrei Markov MON – he’s arguably the complete package for a D in a pts only league (especially in a season where Sergei Gonchar is injured).
D Andrej Sekera BUF – I love the potential for this guy in a pts only league.  I think he could be Shea Weber or Sheldon Souray without the injury history one of these seasons.
G Ryan Miller BUF – when all you’re looking for are wins and shutties there aren’t many better young keeper options that you can put in goal in your league.  Keep him around.
G Jean Sebastian Giguere  ANA – he’ll give you over 30 wins a season with a handful of shutouts but he’s also over 30 and his back is sore from carrying his team for the last few years.  Eventually you’ll want to look at trading him.
BN Mark Giordano CAL – he spent a good chunk of the beginning of the season teaming up with Dion Phaneuf on the PP but most of that opportunity is now being taken by Adrian Aucoin.  Giordy still has value though because Aucoin is old and the logjam can’t hold forever.
BN Mike Fisher OTW – with no puckmoving D in OTW then Fish gets to man the point on the PP.  That’ll help.  Maybe even a return to a 20 goal season (he says ultra-optimistically).
BN Lee Stempniak TOR – I was actually excited about this move when the Leafs got him.  Now?  Not so much.  This just in, not so much is so very 2007, just like the upside of Stemp’s career.
BN Ryan Smyth COL – I pegged him for a rebirth this season and he’s doing that although it has taken injuries to better options to get him to a place where he can contribute at the level I was anticipating.  Still, 30 goals is quite possible with the way he’s been of late.


Waiver Wire Options


This league is pretty deep so there weren’t a lot of options available on the wire at all.  We made some use of Campoli and Neal eventually.


Chris Campoli – after Streit the Isles have few options for the PP point.  Campoli provides adequate offensive stats and since +/- isn’t a factor in this league then he’s a decent add that won’t give as many headaches as he would if you were in a standard league.
James Neal – I think this kid has some serious skills and there’s a bit of a vacuum in Dallas ever since the Avery incident.  He’s making use of some very good opportunity.
Guillaume Latendresse – I actually had him on one of my teams for a couple months but he took forever to heat up and he only looks to be thinking about the possibility of maybe sorta getting hot someday soon.  I’m sorry, I should sell that better.  You don’t want him but in a league with nobody on a waiver wire you have to consider it.
T. J. Hensick – with injuries to Sakic and then Stastny there was all this talk of him blowing up for some short term stats.  He’s got talent but I don’t see the blowing up happening for a couple years.
Nigel Dawes – I mention him because a co-worker knows him and she says he’s very moral when compared with another young NHL’er she also knows.  It might just be sour grapes but at the same time I want to reward morality and Dawes has some skills so at the very least look at this guy as an option.


Trading Options


Let's first look at some offers that failed.
Sergei Samsonov and Mike Fisher for Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Alexander Radulov
Ryan Smyth and a 3rd round draft pick for Martin Erat and Alex Pietrangelo (minors)
Martin St. Louis and Andrei Markov for Ryan Getzlaf and Andy McDonald


and here's what we finally got done:
Ryan Smyth, Sergei Samsonov and Andrei Markov to Marc for Eric Staal, Alex Pietrangelo (minors) and Steve Bernier – this was a freaking STEAL!  The most talented player in the deal by far is Eric Staal, and Pietrangelo will be a very nice addition to a D corps so I'll be expecting decent contributions from him as soon as next season.  Overall the deal helps you a lot down the road for a price that you can certainly afford now.
trade Martin St. Louis to David for Wojtek Wolski, Teddy Purcell, Alexander Edler and James VanRiemsdyk (minors) - Dave is poised to make a serious run at the championship and we plied these sorts of offers at him for a couple weeks.  If the situation were reversed I'd be all over this just so that I could bring home the cash NOW.  We were extremely pleased with this development and happily restocked the shelves with young talent.


Players coming in: Chris Campoli, James Neal, Eric Staal, Alex Pietrangelo, Steve Bernier, Wojtek Wolski, Teddy Purcell, Alex Edler, and James VanRiemsdyk.

Players going out: Ryan Smyth, Sergei Samsonov, Andrei Markov, and Martin St. Louis.


Well, the shelves have been restocked.  You’ll like that.  It was hard to move Markov because he has huge talent that hadn’t gotten its chance to contribute enough to your team yet but the return for all the guys you move was far too much to pass up.  At this stage you’ll just need to wait for guys to develop but when that happens you’ll be a top team in the league.  Guys like Staal, Bernier, Edler and Wolski will contribute now while the other kids will be contributing within 2 years.  Just so you know, Teddy Purcell is going to be monstrous for your team.  He was an AHL machine and he’s heading into a situation in LA where there’s room amongst the top 6 for him.  Watch him closely and you’ll be pleased with the results.


That was fast, pun intended there Flash.  All the best to you.  


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