Fantasy Impact: The St. Louis Blues have dealt winger David Perron to the Edmonton Oilers for winger Magnus Paajarvi and a second-round pick in 2014.



The Blues get: A speedy winger with untapped offensive upside and an improved defensive game. At this point, Paajarvi is a solid third-line player, playing responsible hockey and chipping in with the occasional point. But fantasy owners have been very disappointed with him to date, and wonder if he will ever become even half the fantasy own we had hoped back when he was drafted. He had 14 points in his last 27 games. He is a restricted free agent. The Blues also get a good draft pick.



The Oilers get: A skilled, six-year veteran who played a full season after missing a huge chunk of two years with symptoms stemming from a concussion. Perron still has three years left on his contract at $3.8 million per season (Cap Geek). 



Fantasy Players Impacted: From a fantasy standpoint, Perron's numbers have stagnated with virtually no signs that they will improve. Here are his points-per-game stats:


2007-08 - 0.44

2008-09 - 0.62

2009-10 - 0.57

2010-11 - mostly injured

2011-12 - 0.74

2012-13 - 0.52


Perron will probably fall into that 50- to 55-point range, which is more than Paajarvi will provide in the season ahead (and the season after that one, as well). But Paajarvi has more upside over the long term. Will he hit it? I believe that his chances of doing so are reduced with St. Louis.


As you can see by the below potential line combinations, the absence of Perron bumps Jaden Schwartz up a line. And bringing in the Swede Paajarvi could actually help the Swede Patrik Berglund get going. 


I mused in the Monday ramblings that a trade will probably happen to ease the logjam up front:



Many are of the opinion thatChris Stewart has to go. But why does it have to be him? Who would you rather have, David Perron or Stewart? I think you need the size and toughness and so I would move Perron.


Potential line combos:


Taylor Hall - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Jordan Eberle

David Perron - Sam Gagner - Ales Hemsky

Jesse Joensuu - Anton Lander - Nail Yakupov

Ryan Jones - Boyd Gordon - Ryan Smyth

Mike Brown




Alex Steen - David Backes - TJ Oshie

Jaden Schwartz - Derek Roy - Chris Stewart

Magnus Paajarvi - Patrik Berglund - Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Sobotka - Maxim Lapierre - Ryan Reaves



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Schwartz 

2. Perron

3. Berglund



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Paajarvi









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Flying Polak said:

Flying Polak
... Good article but i'll play devils advocate. If your line combo's are correct I think Paajarvi's linemates have actually improved. Playing with the uber skilled Taresenko if they click may actually give them 2nd line opportunities, something i don't think he would get in Edmonton. I could also see Yakupov stepping up to 2nd line with Hemsky slipping to 3rd. A good trade for both teams and both players
July 13, 2013
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Dunnder said:

line combos? 6 comments so far, and all you can find to complain about is Dobbers suggested line combos?

This early in the offseason, we all know the lineups will continue to shift; what a silly thing to be so hung up on... Good analysis Dobber, despite the differing opinions of Oiler line combos... i was anxious this AM to read your impact article on this trade...

So now my question is... why is nobody questioning why the Oilers would make such a trade, giving up a responsible, speedy, 2-way forward with size (6'3" 210 lbs) and upside for a somewhat soft, one-dimensional forward with serious injury concerns?

Yes Perron was healthy for all 48 games last year, but the Oilers need is quality 3rd and 4th line grit, defensive depth, and SIZE in the top 6. Perron brings none of this to the table...

i have a feeling that MacT only made this move for the sake of making A move, after promising Oiler Nation that he would be bold... i dont think this deal makes any sense for the Oilers.

I was cautiously optimistic after the FA frenzy, as MacT seemed to make a few reasonable and quality signings that fit the Oilers needs, but this trade is just dumb for the Oilers. Paajarvi was a good trade chip, even tho he was a player that actually fit their current needs of quality bottom 6 depth, and they used him to fill exactly NONE of their biggest needs.

RNH to Phi for Schenn, Coburn and a 1st. Now that trade would at least make sense.
July 11, 2013
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Ron Burgundy said:

Ron Burgundy
... Let me continue to pile on. If Hemsky is on the team in The fall, he will play on the third line. But, he is unlikely to be with the team. Gordon also likely slots in as 3C, and i believe MacT has indicated Jones will be 3LW. Salaries suggest this also. MacT not done yet though so more changes to come.
July 11, 2013
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Millhouse said:

... Actually based on your line combo, MPS I feel does not get hurt but rather helps playing with Berglund and Tarasenko
July 10, 2013
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MrBlackthehockeyguy said:

... Those lines are not correct. MacT has said numerous times Hemsky+Horcoff will not be on the team next year, and its quite likely Hall and Yakupov will play together as they were lights out together over the last few weeks when they were finally put on the same line.
July 10, 2013
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4horsemen said:

... If your line combos are accurate then the biggest loser is Yak not MPS, he just swaps which 3rd line he's on....but....I tend to agree with rataylor22 in that Yak will not be a 3rd liner.
July 10, 2013
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Goons said:

... NO way hemsky is over yakupov. Likely, Yakupov passes Eberle.
July 10, 2013
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rataylor22 said:

... I'm not sure how you think Hemsky beats out Yakupov this year. I know he did last year, but studs can only be held down for so long.
July 10, 2013
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