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Fantasy Impact: The Boston Bruins have shipped Tyler Seguin to Dallas for two-way winger Loui Eriksson. The fantasy hockey fallout from this trade will be tremendous.


Just when I thought today was going to be a quiet day….


The Stars get:


A young center with immense upside – Seguin can fly up the ice on his stick like a certain former Dallas superstar who wore number nine. There was no room for Seguin in Boston with Bergeron and Krejci around. Mark Recchi works in the Stars front office and knows Seguin well. This is a huge value move – Eriksson is a zero maintenance winger, but Seguin has a ton of upside. Dallas is taking a bit of a risk assuming that he can mature off the ice, but his “issues” are quite common among young star athletes.


Outside of Cody Eakin, there are/were no young centers in the organization with top six upside. Seguin immediately becomes the best center on the roster (by far) – assuming Benn moves back to wing.


Benn’s natural position is left wing, and he will be a much more productive forward there. Seguin was good on the wing in Boston, but he is much more comfortable at center ice.


Peverley will likely slide in on line two for the Stars - at center. He was a center in Atlanta before coming over to Boston - and had a 55 point season there in 2009-10. He's gritty, speedy, and talented. Dallas fans will really like him.


The prospect - Ryan Button - was a former WHL teammate of current Stars defenseman Brenden DIllon.


The Bruins get:

Essentially a winger version of Patrice Bergeron. Eriksson has one of the best contracts in hockey. He’s a great two-way talent with top line upside. He’s versatile. The Bruins are going to love what he brings to the table. More on him here:


Eriksson wasn’t his usually consistent self offensively in 2013, but he is one of the best two-way forwards in hockey. From 2009 until 2012, he registered seasons of 71, 73, and 71 points, respectively. And he is a massive salary bargain - $4.25 million per season until 2016.

The contract is a huge selling feature for the Bruins, who need to dish out huge extensions to Bergeron and Rask. Eriksson is paid peanuts for what he brings to the table, and he is signed for another three seasons. He’s in the prime of his career, and the Bruins are in their prime as a team.


Seguin won’t peak as a player for another two-to-four seasons, and by that point many of Boston’s core players will be on the wrong side of their respective prime seasons.


As for the rest of the trade:

Morrow was acquired from Pittsburgh in the Brenden Morrow trade. He’s a skilled offensive defenseman with a lot of upside. Matt Fraser is a big goal scoring winger who was signed as a free agent out of the WHL a few years ago. He has upside, but needs to work on his game away from the puck. Here's a closer look at him.


Smith is the younger brother of Detroit’s Brendan Smith. He’s a really crafty winger who needs to get stronger in order to play his skill game at the NHL level. Ray Whitney type of player (obviously he has a ways to go to reach that level of ability, but in terms of playing style he is similar).


From DefendingBigD’s managing editor:

I would have normally said that the Bruins depth would prevent Fraser/Smith from making the team, but the Bruins are losing Horton, Seguin, Peverley, and potentially Jagr this summer. There will be spots open. Fraser is a pure sniper - he has been among the best AHL scorers over the past two years. He's big and strong, but not a Lucic style of player. He will hit, but he isn't a guy that seeks it out. 


Fantasy Players Impacted:

Just about every player on each of these two teams will be affected/impacted by this trade. Some positive, some negative. Let’s dig in. First off – great news for Benn owners. The move back to LW will boost his numbers tremendously. Seguin becomes a guaranteed top six center, where he had to battle for ice time on the wing in Boston.


Dallas doesn’t have any centers hurt by this. Cody Eakin may slide down the depth chart a bit, but I think the Stars would have put him in that third line role regardless of whether they traded for Seguin or signed a veteran to play on the second line. Peverley will likely move back to center – his natural position. He was a very good center in Atlanta, but moved to RW in Boston because of the depth the Bruins possessed up the middle.


I don’t see this move impacting Eriksson a whole lot – he goes to a better team and will have more talented linemates, but he may play a bit less. That remains to be seen. He can play both LW and RW, and would fit in nicely alongside either Bergeron or Krejci. He’s money in the bank for 60-75 points.


Morrow (Joe) leaving Dallas opens up more ice time down the road for both Jamie Oleksiak as well as Kevin Connauton. Smith probably wasn’t going to be on the team this year. Fraser was – this confirms that the Stars have big plans for Alex Chiasson, who is a similar sort of player (less pure scorer, better two-way forward).

Spitballing on some potential lines:




And for Boston:




Those ??? could be Spooner, Soderberg, Smith, Fraser, etc. 


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:


1. Benn

2. Seguin

3. Peverley

4. Oleksiak

5. Connauton

6. Chiasson

7. Brett Ritchie

8. Erik Cole

9. Any Dallas winger, essentially

10. Krejci/Bergeron (better winger to play with)

11. Rask (elite defensive winger in Eriksson)

12. Ryan Spooner - this potentially opens up a top nine spot for Boston's top prospect

13. Fraser

14. Nichushkin (less competition for a spot)


As I said above, I don't see this move changing Eriksson's fantasy value all that much. Maybe a slight bump up.


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:


1. Eakin

2. Smith (short term)


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Dakkster said:

... As an owner of Brett Ritchie and Alex Chiasson, I'm sitting here wondering if I should take a stab at Matej Stransky too smilies/smiley.gif
July 04, 2013
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shovelguy said:

@Burgandy I thought it hurt Morrow. There's Bartoski and Krug he'll be battling with for a roster spot where in Dallas there was almost no one with his skill set.
July 04, 2013
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BlackGold said:

... Erik Cole as a 3rd liner? I would think he starts the season as a 2nd line player.
July 04, 2013
Votes: +0

Ron Burgundy said:

Ron Burgundy
... Great trade for both. I don't see Morrow on the help/hurt list but I think this probably helps Morrow, no? Chara is there as long as he wants to be, but then you've only got Boychuk, McQuaid and Hamilton signed beyond this year. If Morrow is who we think he is, he should slot into the second pairing as early as next year and may get some call-up time this year, as I don't see a lot of candidates ahead of him in the Boston prospect pool (a way less crowded situation than in Dallas and Pitt).
July 04, 2013
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Axeman33 said:

... You forgot to add Eriksson to your list of fantasy players this helps...
July 04, 2013
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... nevermind, didn't see what you wrote above. But I still think it helps because he has less dirty work to do now and can focus on offense more. Better centre to dish him the puck too
July 04, 2013
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... Eriksson should be up there too in terms of the players it helps. Much better situation
July 04, 2013
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angus said:

... I think that was coming regardless of this trade, to be honest. I'll add a note.
July 04, 2013
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Mr. Guru said:

Mr. Guru
... Player this helps............Ryan Spooner, welcome to the NHL
July 04, 2013
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