Fantasy Impact: The Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired center Dave Bolland from the Chicago Blackhawks for second and fourth-round draft picks in 2013 and a fourth rounder in 2014.



The Maple Leafs get: a third-line center who should be a second-line center, however injuries have added up over the years and I question whether he could reach that upside now. Bolland is frequently on the IR, but the name of his game is the postseason. In the playoffs his game reached another level. A proven winner. And if he stays healthy during the regular season, well that's a pretty good bonus.


The Blackhawks get: Three draft picks, including a pretty good one in what is a deep draft. They used the No.51 pick to select Carl Dahlstrom. But more importantly, the move allowed the team to sign Bryan Bickell.



Fantasy Players Impacted: I don't see Bolland fitting in on this team as is. And so, something else is on the way. No way the Leafs roll with centers Mikhail Grabovski, Nazem Kadri and Dave Bolland. Will Grabovski be on the move? This should spell the end for Tyler Bozak, who will become an unrestricted free agent.


I really like this deal from the perspective of Brandon Pirri. He's been ready for a year now, and we should see him as the third-line center now. With a good first full season, he could develop into a top sixer. There are other good prospects who will also get considered, such as Teuvo Teravainen - it certainly doesn't hurt those guys.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Pirri

2. Teravainen




Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Bozak - if he's on the way out, he just lost himself a pretty sweet gig.





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DarthVain said:

Couldn't Disagree more. OK first off, by that I mean about what TO should do, not what they will do, as lets face it, they do a lot of things non-logical.

I see this as a terrible trade, and I will tell you why. If TO in the playoffs taught be anything, if I came away with one weakness they need to address, it is the fact that the need to win faceoffs. It didn't help that Boston is really good in that dept. However their TOTAL reliance on Bozak was seen. They have no one that can win faceoffs for them at C. Hard to win that way.

If you are wondering well maybe that was just someone's impression? Well look up the regular season statistics. Guess how many people in the ENTIRE NHL have more faceoffs than Bozak? I will tell you, exactly 1 person, and his name is Giroux. Also his percentage was +52%, which while not the best, is still very good.

Not only had Bolland taken less faceoffs than even Grabovski OR Kadri, his percentage is worse than Gabby, and only slightly better than Kadri. Bozak also had quick a few more points than both Gabby and Bolland.

So how does this trade make sense, and how does getting rid of Bozak make sense (unless they can't afford him).

If anything Gabby is the one that needs to go, and to be replaced by someone that is not Bolland.
July 02, 2013
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TavesSoul said:

Kruger vs. Pirri As much as I'd like it to be Pirri, it's Kruger that's now the third line C for the Hawks. They were already leaning on him as such in the playoffs and trusting him in a lot of crucial situations. Although I'll be happy if your right!
July 01, 2013
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Kudelskis Krushers said:

Kudelskis Krushers
Grabo - Kadri - Bolland I agree with Ed. That trio of centres seems to make sense. Sure, the Leafs would ideally have a legit #1 C but I think that it's become clear that those guys are not being dealt. None of the free agents truly fit that mould either. Don't much see the point in spending money to bring in a Ribeiro/Roy/Lecavalier when you could spend a little less on Bolland, shift Grabo to a more offensive role (Have you seen his player usage chart? Ridiculous), and hope that Kadri can play reasonably well on the second line (though a regression seems likely).
June 30, 2013
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Ed. said:

... Grabo, Kadri, Bolland looks fine to me. Let Bolland do the heavy lifting, let Grabo play in the O-zone again, and let Kadri have all the sweet gigs, where he avoids D-zone faceoffs, and centres PP1.
June 30, 2013
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4horsemen said:

... Morin is much more suited to a bottom six role than Pirri.
June 30, 2013
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