The Trade: Alex Tanguay is going back to Colorado (along with defenseman Cory Sarich). Coming to Calgary – big winger David Jones and depth defenseman Shane O’Brien.

The Flames get:


In a word – younger. Jones is five years younger than Tanguay, and O’Brien is five years younger than Sarich. Jones has scored over 20 goals twice in the NHL, but he is paid quite a bit for an injury prone and one-dimensional forward. O’Brien and Sarich are different defensemen (O’Brien is more of a two-way guy who can skate a little bit, while Sarich is a pure PK/defensive guy), but both of their impacts will be minimal.

From former DobberHockey rambler Kent Wilson:

The return from the Avs is rather underwhelming. Jones is a 28-year old 6'2" winger who has twice scored 20+ goals in the NHL, including a career high 27 in 2010-11. He's not a high volume shooter, though, so his production is dependent on a relatively high personal SH%. His career rate is 14.7%, but with less than 500 shots under his belt, it's entirely possible we don't really know his true shooting ability and that number will come down a tad.

The Avalanche get: 

A productive top six winger with ties to the organization (he was ranked as the ninth best Avalanche player of all time by Mile High Hockey). Tanguay was instrumental in previous Avalanche successes, skating on a line with Joe Sakic and skating in front of Patrick Roy. The Avs know what they are getting with Tanguay – an elite playmaker who won’t cost you defensively. He can even play on the PK if need be.

Tanguay will bring a nice veteran presence to a pretty young forward group (and one that may get even younger with a Nathan MacKinnon selection this Sunday). Tanguay had 11 goals and 27 points in 40 games in 2013.

The fantasy impact:

 Here’s a side-by-side comparison from Mile High Hockey:







22G 47A (69P, it's hilarious, .87 PPG)

13G 36A (49P, .77PPG)

11G, 16A (27P, .68PPG)


27G 18A (45P, .58PPG)

20G, 17A (37P, .51PPG)

3G, 6A (9P, .27PPG)

The real win for this trade is Colorado getting rid of Jones’ awful contract. Tanguay will slide in on line two or three and contribute on one of the power play units. Sarich has one year left on his deal, while O’Brien has two. Colorado gets the best player, older, and more cap flexibility. I’d call that win.

Jones will get an opportunity to produce in Calgary, but the winger situation there is far from clear. Outside of Cammalleri, the Flames have zero top line wingers, and calling him that is a bit of a stretch at this point in time.

A potential top nine in Colorado now includes Duchene, Downie, Tanguay, MacKinnon (“potential), O’Reilly, Stastny, Landeskog, McGinn, and Parenteau. Not too shabby.

Calgary had way too many LW relative to RW, and the added cap money won’t matter for the next year or two, so this move isn’t going to kill their salary situation.

It is still too early to say how this move impacts the two teams (especially Calgary), but here goes:

Players who will benefit:

1. Duchene (another playmaking winger)

2. MacKinnon (if the Avs select him)

3. Sven Bartschi

4. Jones (if he can stay healthy – which has been a huge “if” for his entire career)

Players who will suffer:

1. Michael Sgarbossa (short term)

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agentzero said:

Tanguay is a slick player with good instincts and decent defensive responsibility. Indeed, he is longer in the tooth, but he is not far removed froma veyr productive season and he should be playing with some increased talent. PP duties are a lock IMO. Mackinnon will likely stick out of the gate, but it's still a man's league. Ask Yakuov, Stamkos...

Top 6 in my mind:

Duchene, Tanguay, O'Reilly, Stastny, Parenteau, Landeskog

Downie and McGinn aren't good enough (or healthy enough) to stick around for good on L1 and L2... Which leaves Mackinnon as the wild card. Just not sure he's gonna be lights-out in the top 6 enough to stick. I think Tanguay does better here than on the fantasy island that will become Calgary. Stastny and Duchene have also shown flashes of injury-plagued seasons, so as long as Tanguay can himself stay healthy, I think he's in for a way better situation than he was in CGY. Just my guess (and my hope).
June 28, 2013
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JHM said:

... I'm not sure that if I was an NHL GM that Jones is high on my list, but essentially because of injuries. He played 16:04 a game last year, has averaged about 1-1/2 minutes of SH TOI on his career, shoots well, he's big and strong... if not for the injuries, I'd be more enthused. Now, one can also say that 16:04 on the worst team in the league maybe doesn't mean too much.

Tanguay is getting long on the tooth. He is productive. He has enjoyed Colorado before. It does appear to potentially be a good home coming.

The Sarich/O'Brien types, are sometimes greatly undervalued in a deal like this. Both have been marginal for a decade. Should one of them find a 20 minute job, that team pushes ahead in the overall deal.

Really, the only player that can achieve 'win' status for this deal is Jones.
June 28, 2013
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angus said:

... Tanguay also goes from LW 1 to potentially LW 3. Not a slam dunk upgrade.
June 28, 2013
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UKflames said:

Tanguay The flames wanted rid of Tanguay as he had no interest in being part of the rebuild, he has also done nothing but sulk since his friend Iginla left the team, with a NTC/NMC in place the flames were limited on where they could look to rid themselves of Tanguay (their own fault but still has to be included in the mix). Whilst Tanguay maybe considered the better player he is on the downslope of his career and needs better players around him to be the winner of this deal.
Whilst Jones does have injuries problems he is what the Flames need at this time, a younger bigger body which free's up the LW log jam, which this trade achieves.
It is easy to say the Avs won this deal, as they got (arguably) the better player but the Flames also got what they needed, rid of Tanguay and a RW, seems both teams got something out of this deal.
June 28, 2013
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agentzero said:

Cammy The guy trains hard, but a bit like Ovi in the past while, his game has become predictable and where it was once built on speed and surprising defenders, it's now a situation where, if he doesn't free himself up for his one-timers, he isn't an effective scorer. All-world talent, but in the NHL, that isn't enough.

CGY is in full rebuild mode. No Kipper, no Iggy, no Tanguay... Cervenka, Bartschi, Jones, Giordano....? Yeah. Rebuild.

June 28, 2013
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Millhouse said:

... I agree agentzero. How can Tanguay not benefit. You go from Cammy to way more offensive talent. And even Cammy isn't the Cammy of old. I would not be surprised to see Cammy want out
June 28, 2013
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Rollie1967 said:

... If Jones rebounds to the player he was 2 seasons ago, then this is a win for Calgary. I prefer Sarich over O'Brien, who will tease you with his play one game, and leave scratching your head for the next 5.

Winners : Bartenders in Calgary.

June 28, 2013
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agentzero said:

Tanguay escapes fantasy doom Doesn't Tanguay benefit from this? A more offensively gifted team to go to...from a situation of offensive starvation. Bartschi certainly gets a better shot..but he's all alone there now..
June 27, 2013
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