Fantasy Impact: The Ottawa Senators have traded forward Nick Foligno to the Columbus Blue Jackets for defenseman Marc Methot. Earlier, they signed Guillaume Latendresse.



Ottawa gets: one of the top hitters in the game. Methot, if healthy, consistently tallies about 100 hits per season. He's also a good shot blocker and can eat a lot of minutes. the Senators lost Filip Kuba earlier and Methot upgrades Kuba defensively.


The Senators also signed a big power forward who can score in Latendresse. When healthy. But he missed 66 games last year and 71  games the year before. For him to replace Foligno they would need at least 70 games from him. But he's a two-time 25-goal scorer who is just entering his prime.


Columbus gets: in Nick Foligno, one of the better hustlers in the game. A second-third line "tweener", Foligno can check as well as sub in on a scoring line when needed. He's great for the dressing room, too. Which is just what the Jackets need. He is trending upwards, as his 26, 34 and 47 points will show you (last three years). He has more to give for sure.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Foligno is better off in Columbus, and 20 goals, 50 points and 140 PIM are certainly possible. That would make him a multi-category stud. His presence impacts the ice time of unproven youngsters such as Cam Atkinson.


Latendresse also finds a great fit in Ottawa. But again - it all comes down to his healthy. In 2015 we could be talking about Latendresse as a player who joined Ottawa and got zero points before retiring. Or we could be talking about the three-time 30-goal scorer. Neither would surprise me.


Meanwhile, the prospect wingers in Ottawa are helped here tremendously. Why? Because Latendresse is a Band-Aid Boy. His almost certain absence from the lineup will open up opportunity on plenty of occasions.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Erik Condra

2. Bobby Butler

3. Foligno

4. Latendresse


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

 1. Atkinson








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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... doesn't really help Condra at is a right winger, one is a left winger. Condra is a bottom 6 player.
July 01, 2012
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sentium said:

... I think this also really helps Silfverberg, who has one less bonafide LWer in his way.
July 01, 2012
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