The Rangers get: The top free agent available. Brad Richards has inked a nine-year deal with the Rangers that will pay him an average of $6.67 million per season.


Fantasy Players Impacted: 


How this affects Richards remains to be seen. He had fantastic linemates and saw a lot of ice time in Dallas (Loui Eriksson and James Neal, for the most part). In New York, he likely lines up with Marian Gaborik. Who plays the left side remains to be seen, but the contenders are likely Derek Stepan, Brandon Dubinsky, and Sean Avery, among others. Glen Sather has gone on record stating that he won't pursue a high-priced LW to play with his top two offensive threats.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:


1. Whoever lines up with Gaborik and Richards. Wojtek Wolski is a huge wildcard here, but his track record speaks for itself (negatively) at this point.

2. Marian Gaborik, in a big, big, way. Injuries are still an issue, but Gaborik has never had an elite center on his line before.

3. New York's first PP unit. In addition to being a fantastic scoring center, Richards is lethal running the PP through the point. 


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:


1. Stepan, at least in the short term. He likely slides down on to line two (although I doubt the Rangers would have gone all season with him as the top center).

2. Anisimov - this move allows the big Russian to get comfortable in more of a two-way role on the third line.

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paul said:

... NY has identified a need for improved skating from Wolski. Assuming he does his training as demanded in his exit interview with coach Tortarella I see W2 getting the first shot on the top line.
As a rangers fan I am hoping to see Dubinsky get the nod as I think his play merits the assignment.
Callahan could score 30 this year if he avoids injury which he can do by avoiding any contact with Chara.
Stepan is only entering his 2nd year so I see Anisimov on the 2nd line with Callahan and perhaps Dubinsky
Many in rangers land are hoping NY dumps Avery to the minors. His antics, cap hit and lack of production warrants a stay in the AHL where he can join Wade Redden.
July 02, 2011
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John said:

Huge player this helps Just FYI, another huge player this helps:


I can't even count how many 1-0 or 2-1 games he's lost in the last two years.
July 02, 2011
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lcbtd said:

Callahan Thoughts on how this might affect Ryan Callahan?
July 02, 2011
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Shoeless said:

Sweet dreams are made of this Stepan sliding to LW would be absolutely psychodelic - could it ever be? I hope so.
July 02, 2011
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