Fantasy Analysis: Edmonton sends Lubomir Visnovsky to Anaheim for Ryan Whitney and a sixth-round draft pick.


The Ducks get: a top offensive defenseman who is signed for three more seasons at $5.6 million per. He will be the quarterback of the future.


The Oilers get: a young defenseman with 45-point upside who is having a bit of an off year. This move cuts $1.6 million off the books per season.


Fantasy Players Impacted: I think both Visnovsky and Whitney benefit here. The new environments suit. Whitney joins a young rebuilding team (perfect) and Visnovsky joins a team much further along. Most importantly, I think this sends a message that the Oilers will ride Tom Gilbert as their future power-play quarterback. Think about it - Visnovsky is out. Denis Grebeshkov is out. Sheldon Souray will certainly be out in the summer. That leaves Whitney and Gilbert - and Gilbert is built to be a pure QB, despite this season's poor showing.

Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Tom Gilbert

2. Lubomir Visnovsky

3. Ryan Whitney

Players this deal hurts, in order:



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bball said:

March 03, 2010
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Dobber said:

... Whitney is on pace for 36 points. Now on a new team that is a better fit for him, I project that he will do better than 36 points. Thus, this helps Whitney.
March 03, 2010
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bball said:

... Dobber,

Wondering if you could explain a little more about why this helps Whitney. I am not really following you here. How does this help Whitney at all? I would think that the fact that he has been traded twice in two years would start to say something about the player. He left the potent Pitt team where he scored in bunches to come to the Ducks. I was excited because he was going to be a lead guy on a very strong power play with the Ducks. Now he is traded to Edmonton where he has no support or power play to use at all. Young rebuilding team? Translated, that means he has 45 point potential but don't expect to see that any time in the next 4 years. Sure but this move looks more like a flier then anything. Honestly, this move makes him a potential drop for me in my league to pick up a guy like Karlsson. I mean just a year ago, he was still a "55 point defensemen" (http://www.dobberhockey.com/in...&Itemid=77) so if the projections are now going down, then this is a bad move for Whitney.
March 03, 2010
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blammo said:

any impact on other ANA defensemen? whitney and lubo play different styles - any thoughts on what (if any) the impact of this deal may be on niedermeyer and wisniewski?
March 03, 2010
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