Fantasy Analysis: Florida has traded defenseman Dennis Seidenberg and Matt Bartkowski to Boston for forward Byron Bitz, Craig Weller and a 2nd round draft pick.



The Bruins get: a puck-moving defenseman who has improved a lot over the last two years. The traded away about $4 million (Derek Morris and Bitz) and brought in $2.25 million (Seidenberg). That still gives them some breathing room for another move yet.

The Panthers get: a decent fourth liner and a great draft pick for a pending UFA.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Dmitri Kulikov moves up the depth chart. Dennis Wideman, who saw potentially improved ice time after the Morris deal, now gets that chunk taken away from him again. Net result for Wideman: sideways.Boston may be as horrible offensively as Florida...but their potential is much higher and I think this will reflect in added points for Seidenberg.


Bitz in Florida will mean fewer recalls for Michal Repik, but he was of little fantasy value for this year anyway.

Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Dennis Seidenberg

2. Dmitri Kulikov

Players this deal hurts, in order:

1. Dennis Wideman

2. Michal Repik



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thinice said:

... What about the impact on Sobotka with Bitz gone?
March 03, 2010
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DuklaNation said:

... Players this deal helps, in order:
1. Entire FLA team since Seidenberg wont injure anybody else.
2. Dennis Seidenberg
3. Dmitri Kulikov
March 03, 2010
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STONE. said:

... Wideman's having a rollercoaster day. First he's up, then he's down....
March 03, 2010
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DonCoburleone said:

Chara? This isn't going to effect Chara at all is it?
March 03, 2010 | url
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