The Rangers have signed Marian Gaborik to a five-year deal worth $7.5 million per season.



Fantasy Impact: Gaborik can pull his groin just as easily in New York as he did in Minnesota. That being said, his shoulder isn't being held onto his body by a skate lace, like Martin Havlat's. Last season aside, he is somewhat more durable. Still, you can count on his missing 10 games a season and every four years he may only miss five...and every four years he will miss 70. So looking at this five-year deal, I think it's reasonable to expect this:

2009-10  73 games, 85 points

2010-11  69 games, 84 points

2011-12  77 games, 92 points

2012-13  24 games, 25 points

2013-14  72 games, 86 points


That's still pretty valueable, but he will always carry a risk.


Gaborik's addition will hurt the chances of Evgeny Grachev making this team. If the young future star does make it, it will be on the strength of a monster training camp - it won't be handed to him.


This signing probably won't help Chris Drury - I don't see them playing together. Perhaps Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle or Artem Anisimov.


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Spec7ral said:

Cunt Honestly? I understand that we live off of Dobber's scraps, but to post expected numbers for a cum burglar?

I value the webby's insight on impact, especially a BAB...but really, I don't think we are here for Gabby's projections... I am dying for The Dobster to tell me what Pacioretty is gona do... I dunno...that's just me.

Thanks as always for all the knowledge.
July 11, 2009
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