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DobberHockey, Goalie Guild and Goalie Post announce new Fantasy Guide:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DobberHockey, in conjunction with GoaliePost, which is co-owed by Darryl Dobbs and The Goalie Guild founder Justin Goldman, has released their first-annual Fantasy Goalie Guide.


Made in the image and likeness of Dobber's wildly popular annual fantasy guides and prospect reports, the Fantasy Goalie Guide will bring poolies tremendous in-depth fantasy analysis of every NHL goaltender from a variety of angles.

Available for only $6.99, the inaugural guide's release date is December 3. This date was selected strategically, in order to use the first two months of the season - for all hockey leagues - as a viable sample size for what poolies can expect throughout the remainder of the regular season.

"It's the toughest position to gauge in fantasy hockey. Period." Opines Dobbs, whose fantasy hockey site DobberHockey has been active for seven years. "There are times when it seems as though any backup netminder in the NHL, or any prospect from junior hockey to Europe, could be a top fantasy pick within twelve months. Teaming myself up with a passionate goalie scout like Justin is the best way to increase the odds of successfully finding the 'next one'."

The first-annual Fantasy Goalie Guide will include a breakdown of every NHL goaltender, as well as a variety of rankings for keeper leagues, top prospects, dark horses, and much more. It will also include separate sections on the political landscape of each goalie's future on their team's depth chart, scouting reports, historical tendencies and more.

"Goaltending is not only the most important position in fantasy hockey, it's also the most difficult to evaluate and predict," agrees Goldman. "I'm excited to join forces with Dobber and utilize his fantasy forecasting skills in order to make this guide a deadly weapon for poolies. Together, we're dedicated to providing managers with the finest fantasy goalie guide available."

Just like fantasy football enthusiasts need quarterback-specific analysis, so too do fantasy hockey enthusiasts need goalie-savvy analysis. And with this guide, two insightful fantasy analysts join forces to satisfy the poolie's need for a goalie-specific guide. Goldman has been providing Dobber Nation with fantasy goalie analysis since 2007 and has been a member of the NHL Fantasy team on NHL.com since 2011. Dobbs has been a fantasy hockey consultant for The Hockey News since 2002 and Yahoo! Puck Daddy since 2009.


Order this great new guide here.


PDF of the press release here.



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woodrow said:

... "co-owed by Darryl Dobbs and Justin Goldman"... man, I didn't realize it was that bad for you guys. smilies/wink.gif

I've actually been looking forward to reading a guide like this for probably a few years now. I think a fantasy goalie guide will fill a much needed niche and I can hardly wait to devour it.
November 24, 2012
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