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When trading in fantasy sports you have decisions. Just like at the counter of your favorite fast food joint, one needs to be decisive and accurate with their choices. Do you go for the pricey combo meal players? Crosby, Malkin, AO, Vanek or even Semin? Sure, these guys have the whole package, immense talent and huge production, but are they worth the cost? Some are bonafide classics like the Big "Mac" Joe Thornton, but others may just be for a limited time only like the McRib or Ryane Clowe.  Champions in fantasy sports look to the value menu for their trade steals.


Yes this is cheesy, but it wouldn't be fast food without plenty of it.


Hmm, I only have a dollar and change to give. A few scrubs are all I want to trade, but what can I get for that? Oh, you'd be surprised. Let's see...


Double Cheeseburger

Marty Turco, G, DAL- A value menu classic, Marty Turco is already showing why he is the best deal on this list. Like clockwork, Turco's early season struggles are already showing signs of disappearing. He has only allowed two goals in four of the last five games he's played. The other was only three goals. Turco now owns a 3.03 GAA in the last month, and is well on his way way off this list. Lucky for us, his overall numbers still disguise his recent success so there is time.


4-Piece Chicken McNugget

Jay Bouwmeester, D, FLA- A solid choice, Bouwmeester always falls a little short of what you were expecting. He only has five points in his first 16 games, but that is pretty standard for this defenseman. He had five, seven and three points in his first 16 games of each of his last three seasons. Expect another 40-point season despite his current 25-point pace.



Marian Gaborik, RW, MIN- A king among Band-Aid Boys, Marian is definitely a McChicken. He always finds a way to avoid the ice. His value is very low now as many owners are just sick after they finally thought his extended groin problems might be behind him. Last season was the aberration apparently, but he is still a value in some deals. Even 60 games from Gaborik is better than 80 from most players.


Small Fry

Martin St. Louis, RW, TB- One of the smaller studs in the game, St. Louis was off to a slow start this season for the hapless Lightning. On pace for only 59 points, Martin had as many assists alone in each of the last two seasons. St. Louis is now back to his point-per-game ways with seven points in his last seven games. Go get him before his value gets supersized.


Side Salad

Pierre-Marc Bouchard, LW/RW, MIN- Still very young and qualifying at both wings, Bouchard is the ultimate value side item. He is light on shots and goals and prefers to dish, but his upside is still immense at only the age of 24. With injury slowing him, his small five-point total is even more deceptive because he has only played in 12 games. A former first rounder, only 24 and improving the last few years, Bouchard is a good bet to reach 80 points one season.  


Small Soft Drink

Brad Richards, C, DAL- Another classic of the value menu, Richards has unforunately been a bit of a soft star thus far in his career. With four straight seasons of 70 or more points including one in which he garnered 91 points, fantasy owners still look for a return to that upside now that he is in his prime. Though not awful with 13 points in 16 games, Brad still has more to offer. As expected, his plus/minus is much improved at only a minus-2 thus far. This will do plenty to improve his rank regardless of if he exceeds a point-per-game pace. I still think he can this season howver, and seven points in his last seven games is a great start.


Apple Dippers

Steven Stamkos, C, TB- The newest addition to the value menu, Stamkos is truly dipping in value. With only four points in his first 17 games, Stamkos also carried a very poor minus-8. The skills are there however and with the change in the regime, things may be looking up for Steven and the team in general. With a point and a ton of shots Tuesday, the value may already be growing.


Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait

Sean Avery, LW, DAL- Fruity and at his best when mixing it up, Sean Avery isn't your typical value selection. Having another great season, the analogy was just too good to pass up. He is a discounted star however. As we've discussed before, PIM producers that can score are still undervalued. He is a top-50 player every season if he reaches 70 games, and he usually does.


Two Apple Pies

Sam Gagner/Andrew Cogliano, EDM- These two Oilers are playing well below their rookie season levels. Not just any players can produce 45 and 49 points as rookies. The health of Horcoff does affect it, but many on the team are struggling to produce early this season. These guys are too talented to stay down in their sophomore slumps forever. The offense will start rolling a little and these guys just need to readjust to their opposition getting smarter against them in year two.


Hot Fudge Sundae

Daniel Carcillo, LW, PHO- Just like the dessert, Carcillo is hot headed and can definitely finish you off. What has gotten into him this season? He started the year with only four minutes in four games and only has 37 total for the season. That could be one game for him. Still, the PIM will come. He has turned it up recently with 20 in his last four games. With that returning, now he just needs to get on the scoreboard.


Big N' Tasty (removed)

Ryan Getzlaf, C, ANA- As with this burger, Ryan Getzlaf is no longer a member of the value menu. But, oh, he was. After six games to start the season, Getzlaf had all his owners sweating. He had only one point in that time and none in his first four games. On top of that, his team started off losing four straight. The team turned around, as is to be expected during a long season, and Getzlaf also exploded. A nine-game point streak later, Getzlaf had 19 points. He's now had 21 points in his last 12 games and is way too expensive for the value menu anymore. If you bought, him when he was there... enjoy.


So there you have it. A very tasty version of our Status Report. Next time we will return to the more typical Sell High/Buy Low format. Don't worry. Though I do have my weak moments, I don't have this chain's value menu memorized. It took plenty of research and condiments.


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