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Only eight remain in the inaugural Cage Match Tournament and you will not be shocked to find out who made it. There were some upsets in the early rounds but when it came down to it, the Elite Eight were also the top eight and for that I think the selection committee (your DobberHockey writers) deserve a pat on the back. You can’t get them all right but it’s nice to get the important ones.


Before we look in at the scores from the latest polls here’s how we got here:


Introducing the Bracket

Howe Bracket: Round One

Richard Bracket: Round One

Gretzky Bracket: Round One

Lemieux Bracket: Round One

Sweet Sixteen: Part One

Sweet Sixteen: Part Two

And now the results of the most recent polls:


#1 Henrik Sedin over #4 Corey Perry – 68 votes to 43 votes

Corey Perry’s lofty production was a bigger bubble than the US housing market. Consider him popped.


#2 Daniel Sedin over #6 Ilya Kovalchuk – 60 votes to 55 votes

Oh so close to the upset! Ilya Kovalchuk’s Cinderella run is over though. I guess he just hasn’t done enough to shake off the stink of last season or New Jersey for that matter.


#1 Steven Stamkos over #5 Tyler Seguin – 108 votes to 3 votes

Veni. Vidi. Vici. Nice work Steven.


#2 John Tavares over #6 Jamie Benn – 97 votes to 20 votes

When all anyone has to say about you is that you didn’t even deserve to make it this far you best just count your lucky stars and go home. Go home Jamie Benn, go home.




Last week I lamented your collective lack of imagination but know that we’ve reached the Elite Eight it’s nice to see all the familiar faces going up against one another. Upsets are good fun but when two juggernauts face off it makes for compelling story telling. This week the storylines are richer than Mrs. Penner’s pancakes.


#1 Evgeni Malkin vs. #2 Claude Giroux

This is #1 vs. #2, literally, as in league scoring. I’d almost rather leave this one up to the players themselves but since this is a keeper we must consider beyond this year and for that reason you guys still get to vote.


#1 Alexander Ovechkin vs. #2 Sidney Crosby

Yikes! It’s another clash of the titans. Well, not exactly. It’s more like Tin Man vs. Scarecrow at this point but I for one am still into it. The last time these two squared off with it all on the line the fireworks were magical but we all know who got the better of it in the end. Will the result be the same this time around?


#1 Henrik Sedin vs. #2 Daniel Sedin

All I have to say is… TWIN FIGHT!!!


#1 Steven Stamkos vs. #2 John Tavares

Isn’t it astounding that these two were only born in 1990 but have already ascended to the Elite Eight? One of these two is going to have to lose but I would imagine they’ll be battling it out in this tournament for years to come.


Remember to follow those links, cast your votes and make your voice heard!


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