date of birth:1988-05-29 (age 26)

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NEWS2015-2016 Fantasy Outlook: Philadelphia Flyers and Columbus Blue Jackets2015-05-14 17:25:19
NEWS...Kadri, Calder Trophy winner Steve Mason and NHLers ...2015-05-02 15:16:21
NEWS...s this does mean shots fired at Steve Mason, ...2015-04-09 20:23:54
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2011-2012 Regular Season

MASON, STEVE4616263114313553.390.8945
To Date2015-04-11

Game Log

Apr 7NYI10003383.140.9211
Apr 5@COL10002372.000.9459
Apr 3did not play
Mar 26@DET010062812.600.7857
Mar 25EDM01005267.560.8077
Mar 23CAR10001401.000.9750
Mar 20CHI01005275.000.8148
Mar 18@CGY10001291.190.9655
Mar 17@VAN01004384.070.8947
Mar 14did not play
Mar 8L.A10001171.930.9412
Mar 6PHX10002402.000.9500
Mar 3@PHX10002322.000.9375
Mar 1@COL10010330.001.0000
Feb 28did not play
Feb 26did not play
Feb 24COL01005255.030.8000
Feb 21S.J10003413.000.9268
Feb 19@NYR00103353.010.9143
Feb 18CHI01004206.760.8000
Feb 14STL10001321.000.9688
Feb 12ANA01005355.120.8571
Feb 11@MIN10001351.000.9714
Feb 9did not play
Feb 7did not play
Feb 3did not play
Feb 1did not play
Jan 31@S.J01006436.000.8605
Jan 24did not play
Jan 23@NSH01004294.000.8621
Jan 21did not play
Jan 19NSH01002242.030.9167
Jan 17did not play
Jan 14did not play
Jan 13did not play
Jan 10did not play
Jan 8@ANA000041612.000.7500
Jan 7did not play
Jan 5did not play
Dec 31WSH01004264.150.8462
Dec 29@DAL10001371.000.9730
Dec 27CGY00101260.930.9615
Dec 26@CHI01004224.000.8182
Dec 22did not play
Dec 18@STL01005335.030.8485
Dec 17T.B01003283.040.8929
Dec 15did not play
Dec 13VAN10001310.980.9677
Dec 10did not play
Dec 8did not play
Dec 6did not play
Dec 2did not play
Dec 1did not play
Nov 29did not play
Nov 27did not play
Nov 19did not play
Nov 17did not play
Nov 15MIN01003233.070.8696
Nov 12WPG10001361.000.9722
Nov 10CHI01006366.020.8333
Nov 5@PHI01007287.900.7500
Nov 3TOR01004119.440.6364
Oct 30ANA10001201.000.9500
Oct 29did not play
Oct 27@BUF01004264.070.8462
Oct 25DET10001311.050.9677
Oct 22@OTT01004274.000.8519
Oct 21@DET01004324.080.8750
Oct 18DAL01003183.080.8333
Oct 15@DAL01004334.010.8788
Oct 12COL00102321.850.9375
Oct 10VAN01003253.080.8800
Oct 8@MIN01004236.000.8261
Oct 7NSH01003313.060.9032
May 8did not play
May 6did not play
May 3did not play
May 1did not play
Apr 29did not play
Apr 22did not play
Apr 20did not play
Apr 18did not play
Apr 15did not play
Apr 13did not play
Apr 11did not play
Apr 7did not play
Apr 5did not play
Apr 3did not play
Apr 1did not play
Mar 31did not play
Mar 29did not play
Mar 26did not play
Mar 24did not play
Mar 22did not play
Mar 20did not play
Mar 18did not play
Mar 17did not play
Mar 15did not play
Mar 13did not play
Mar 11did not play
Mar 10did not play
Mar 8did not play
Mar 6did not play
Mar 4did not play
Mar 1did not play
Feb 28did not play
Feb 25did not play
Feb 23did not play
Feb 21did not play
Feb 18did not play
Feb 16did not play
Feb 12did not play
Feb 11did not play
Feb 9did not play
Feb 7did not play
Feb 5did not play
Feb 4did not play
Feb 2did not play
Jan 31did not play
Jan 24did not play
Jan 22did not play
Jan 21did not play
Jan 19did not play
Jan 17did not play
Jan 14did not play
Jan 12did not play
Jan 10did not play
Jan 8did not play
Jan 7did not play
Jan 5did not play
Jan 2did not play
Dec 29did not play
Dec 27did not play
Dec 23did not play
Dec 21did not play
Dec 19did not play
Dec 17did not play
Dec 15did not play
Dec 13did not play
Dec 10did not play
Dec 8did not play
Dec 7did not play
Dec 3did not play
Dec 2did not play
Nov 26did not play
Nov 25did not play
Nov 23did not play
Nov 21did not play
Nov 19did not play
Nov 17did not play
Nov 14did not play
Nov 13did not play
Nov 9did not play
Nov 3did not play
Nov 2did not play
Oct 29did not play
Oct 27did not play
Oct 26did not play
Oct 24did not play
Oct 22did not play
Oct 20did not play
Oct 18did not play
Oct 15did not play
Oct 12did not play
Oct 8did not play
Oct 6did not play
Oct 1did not play
Sep 29did not play
Sep 26did not play
Sep 23did not play
Sep 21did not play
Sep 20did not play

NHL Stats - Last 5 Years


Category Wins000
Name RAY
2011-2012 Salary$1150000$3200000$800000
2011-2012 Cap Hit$1150000$2900000$800000
Contract Years Left020
NHL Years
Green=4th Yr Breakout
AvgGP Last 3Yrs
Red = Beware
Avg Wins Last 3Yrs23330
Winning %44.12%34.78%0.00%
Avg Losses Last 3Yrs1520NA
OT Losses430
Goals Against831432
Shots Against834135512
Goals Against Avg2.813.393.70
Avg GAA Last 3Yrs3,390.002,800.00NA
Save Percentage0.9000.8940.833
Avg Save% Last 3Yrs0.718-139.0000
SH TOI/G01:4602:4901:36
% Team's SH Time/GP37.5%54.5%32.5%
PP TOI/G01:4603:2400:24
% Team's Ice Time36.3%56.4%10.8%
Penalty Min220