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date of birth:1987-07-05

News and DobberHockey Analysis

TypeDescriptionDate Posted
TRANSACTIONTalbot signs a 1 year extension2014-12-19 20:18:37
NEWSLooks to get 2nd straight start tonight vs Leafs2013-12-23 08:56:32
NEWSStabilizes Rangers slide in victory2013-12-23 04:52:35
NEWSGets 2nd straight start, with Lundqvist's support2013-12-02 11:13:25

2013-2014 Regular Season


Game Log

Apr 12@MTL00101270.970.9630
Apr 10BUF00000000.0000
Apr 8CAR00000000.0000
Apr 5OTT00000000.0000
Apr 3@COL00000000.0000
Apr 1@VAN00000000.0000
Mar 30@EDM10010260.001.0000
Mar 28@CGY00000000.0000
Mar 26PHI00000000.0000
Mar 24PHX00000000.0000
Mar 22@N.J00000000.0000
Mar 21@CBJ00000000.0000
Mar 18@OTT00000000.0000
Mar 16S.J00000000.0000
Mar 14@WPG00000000.0000
Mar 13@MIN01002262.060.9231
Mar 11@CAR00000000.0000
Mar 9DET00000000.0000
Mar 7@CAR00000000.0000
Mar 5TOR00000000.0000
Mar 2BOS00000000.0000
Mar 1@PHI00000000.0000
Feb 27CHI10001321.000.9688
Feb 7@PIT00000000.0000
Feb 6EDM01002312.040.9355
Feb 4COL00000000.0000
Jan 31NYI00000000.0000
Jan 29@NYI00000000.0000
Jan 26@N.J00000000.0000
Jan 23STL00000000.0000
Jan 21NYI01004364.100.8889
Jan 19WSH00000000.0000
Jan 18@OTT10001301.010.9667
Jan 16DET00000000.0000
Jan 14T.B00000000.0000
Jan 12PHI00000000.0000
Jan 10DAL00000000.0000
Jan 8@CHI00000000.0000
Jan 6CBJ00000000.0000
Jan 4@TOR10001261.000.9615
Jan 3@PIT00000000.0000
Dec 31@FLA00000000.0000
Dec 29@T.B00000000.0000
Dec 27@WSH01003343.090.9118
Dec 23TOR10001260.920.9615
Dec 22MIN10001251.000.9600
Dec 20NYI00000000.0000
Dec 18PIT00000000.0000
Dec 15CGY00000000.0000
Dec 12CBJ00001141.260.9286
Dec 10NSH00000000.0000
Dec 8WSH00000000.0000
Dec 7N.J00000000.0000
Dec 5@BUF00000000.0000
Dec 2WPG01004294.060.8621
Nov 30VAN10002372.000.9459
Nov 29@BOS00000000.0000
Nov 27@FLA00000000.0000
Nov 25@T.B0000133.000.6667
Nov 23@NSH10010170.001.0000
Nov 21@DAL00000000.0000
Nov 19BOS00000000.0000
Nov 17L.A00000000.0000
Nov 16@MTL10010220.001.0000
Nov 12N.J00000000.0000
Nov 10FLA00000000.0000
Nov 7@CBJ10002342.000.9412
Nov 6PIT00000000.0000
Nov 4ANA00000000.0000
Nov 2CAR00000000.0000
Oct 31BUF00000000.0000
Oct 29@NYI10002242.000.9167
Oct 28MTL00000000.0000
Oct 26@DET10002341.850.9412
Oct 24@PHI01002272.030.9259
Oct 16@WSH00000000.0000

Career NHL stats

Dec 21 2014CAR10010180.001.0000
Dec 20 2014@CAR00000000.0000
Dec 16 2014@CGY00000000.0000
Dec 14 2014@EDM00000000.0000
Dec 13 2014@VAN00000000.0000
Dec 8 2014PIT00000000.0000
Dec 6 2014@DET01003343.060.9118
Dec 1 2014T.B00000000.0000
Nov 29 2014PHI00000000.0000
Nov 28 2014@PHI10010260.001.0000
Nov 26 2014@T.B00000000.0000
Nov 23 2014MTL00000000.0000
Nov 19 2014PHI10010310.001.0000
Nov 17 2014T.B00000000.0000
Nov 15 2014@PIT00000000.0000
Nov 13 2014COL00000000.0000
Nov 11 2014PIT00000000.0000
Nov 9 2014EDM00000000.0000
Nov 8 2014@TOR01005315.130.8387
Nov 5 2014DET00000000.0000
Nov 3 2014STL00103342.770.9118
Nov 1 2014WPG00000000.0000
Oct 27 2014MIN00000000.0000
Oct 25 2014@MTL00000000.0000
Oct 21 2014@N.J00000000.0000
Oct 19 2014S.J00000000.0000
Oct 16 2014CAR00000000.0000
Oct 14 2014NYI00000000.0000
Oct 12 2014TOR00000120.001.0000
Oct 11 2014@CBJ01004234.110.8261
Oct 9 2014@STL00000000.0000
Apr 12 2014@MTL00101270.970.9630
Apr 10 2014BUF00000000.0000
Apr 8 2014CAR00000000.0000
Apr 5 2014OTT00000000.0000
Apr 3 2014@COL00000000.0000
Apr 1 2014@VAN00000000.0000
Mar 30 2014@EDM10010260.001.0000
Mar 28 2014@CGY00000000.0000
Mar 26 2014PHI00000000.0000
Mar 24 2014PHX00000000.0000
Mar 22 2014@N.J00000000.0000
Mar 21 2014@CBJ00000000.0000
Mar 18 2014@OTT00000000.0000
Mar 16 2014S.J00000000.0000
Mar 14 2014@WPG00000000.0000
Mar 13 2014@MIN01002262.060.9231
Mar 11 2014@CAR00000000.0000
Mar 9 2014DET00000000.0000
Mar 7 2014@CAR00000000.0000
Mar 5 2014TOR00000000.0000
Mar 2 2014BOS00000000.0000
Mar 1 2014@PHI00000000.0000
Feb 27 2014CHI10001321.000.9688
Feb 7 2014@PIT00000000.0000
Feb 6 2014EDM01002312.040.9355
Feb 4 2014COL00000000.0000
Jan 31 2014NYI00000000.0000
Jan 29 2014@NYI00000000.0000
Jan 26 2014@N.J00000000.0000
Jan 23 2014STL00000000.0000
Jan 21 2014NYI01004364.100.8889
Jan 19 2014WSH00000000.0000
Jan 18 2014@OTT10001301.010.9667
Jan 16 2014DET00000000.0000
Jan 14 2014T.B00000000.0000
Jan 12 2014PHI00000000.0000
Jan 10 2014DAL00000000.0000
Jan 8 2014@CHI00000000.0000
Jan 6 2014CBJ00000000.0000
Jan 4 2014@TOR10001261.000.9615
Jan 3 2014@PIT00000000.0000
Dec 31 2013@FLA00000000.0000
Dec 29 2013@T.B00000000.0000
Dec 27 2013@WSH01003343.090.9118
Dec 23 2013TOR10001260.920.9615
Dec 22 2013MIN10001251.000.9600
Dec 20 2013NYI00000000.0000
Dec 18 2013PIT00000000.0000
Dec 15 2013CGY00000000.0000
Dec 12 2013CBJ00001141.260.9286
Dec 10 2013NSH00000000.0000
Dec 8 2013WSH00000000.0000
Dec 7 2013N.J00000000.0000
Dec 5 2013@BUF00000000.0000
Dec 2 2013WPG01004294.060.8621
Nov 30 2013VAN10002372.000.9459
Nov 29 2013@BOS00000000.0000
Nov 27 2013@FLA00000000.0000
Nov 25 2013@T.B0000133.000.6667
Nov 23 2013@NSH10010170.001.0000
Nov 21 2013@DAL00000000.0000
Nov 19 2013BOS00000000.0000
Nov 17 2013L.A00000000.0000
Nov 16 2013@MTL10010220.001.0000
Nov 12 2013N.J00000000.0000
Nov 10 2013FLA00000000.0000
Nov 7 2013@CBJ10002342.000.9412
Nov 6 2013PIT00000000.0000
Nov 4 2013ANA00000000.0000
Nov 2 2013CAR00000000.0000
Oct 31 2013BUF00000000.0000
Oct 29 2013@NYI10002242.000.9167
Oct 28 2013MTL00000000.0000
Oct 26 2013@DET10002341.850.9412
Oct 24 2013@PHI01002272.030.9259
Oct 16 2013@WSH00000000.0000

2013-2014 Line Combinations & Production

Even Strength Line Combinations
FreqLine Combination
Even Strength Line Production
Pnts%TotalLine Combination
Power Play Line Combinations
FreqLine Combination
Power Play Line Production
Pnts%TotalLine Combination
First Quarter Summary


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Second Quarter Summary


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Third Quarter Summary


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Fourth Quarter Summary


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