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PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
IGINLA, JAROMETRANSACTIONSigns one-year $6M deal with Bruins2013-07-06 09:50:56
BOLDUC, ALEXANDRETRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Blues2013-07-06 09:49:20
MANCARI, MARKTRANSACTIONSigns with Blues2013-07-06 09:46:57
RYDER, MICHAELTRANSACTIONHeading to New Jersey2013-07-06 09:40:29
LAPIERRE, MAXIMTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Blues2013-07-06 09:39:01
KOIVU, SAKUTRANSACTIONRe-signs with Ducks2013-07-06 09:36:40
ADAMS, CRAIGTRANSACTIONRe-signs in Pittsburgh for two years2013-07-06 09:35:25
OLESZ, ROSTISLAVTRANSACTIONSigns a one-year $1M deal with Devils2013-07-06 09:31:34
DESBIENS, GUILLAUMETRANSACTIONSigns with Avs2013-07-06 09:30:08
WYMAN, JTTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Colorado2013-07-06 09:29:38
HOLDEN, NICKTRANSACTIONSigns with Avalanche2013-07-06 09:28:49
HAMILTON, RYANTRANSACTIONSigns two-year deal with Oilers2013-07-06 09:26:24
POULIOT, BENOITTRANSACTIONSigns with Rangers2013-07-06 09:24:18
JOHNSON, AARONTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Rangers2013-07-06 09:23:22
BRENNAN, TJTRANSACTIONInks one-year deal with Leafs2013-07-06 09:22:03
SCHULTZ, JEFFTRANSACTIONSigns with the Kings2013-07-06 09:20:42
RICHARDSON, BRADTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with the Canucks2013-07-06 09:18:44
WEBER, YANNICKTRANSACTIONSigns with the Canucks2013-07-06 09:17:47
HENDRICKS, MATTTRANSACTIONSigns four-year deal in Nashville2013-07-05 16:09:07
KHUDOBIN, ANTONTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Hurricanes2013-07-05 16:08:28