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PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
GREBESHKOV, DENISTRANSACTIONMakes return to NHL and return to Oil Country by signing a 1 year pact with Edmonton for $1.5 million2013-07-21 20:47:59
COUTURIER, SEANTRANSACTIONPenned to 2 year extension at a relatively modest clip of $1.75 million per season.2013-07-21 20:45:46
SPALING, NICKTRANSACTIONInked to 1 year extension worth $1.5 million2013-07-21 20:42:17
BROWN, DUSTINTRANSACTIONInks eight-year extension with Kings2013-07-19 12:52:22
DUCHENE, MATTTRANSACTIONSigns five-year extension with Avs2013-07-19 12:51:47
POSTMA, PAULTRANSACTIONRe-signs two-year contract extension with Jets2013-07-19 12:51:10
ALZNER, KARLTRANSACTIONPenned to a 4 year extension at a clip of $2.8 Million per year2013-07-13 17:43:56
MUZZIN, JAKETRANSACTIONSigned a 2 year extension with L.A. at a very modest $1 Million per season2013-07-13 17:41:41
PAAJARVI, MAGNUSTRANSACTIONDealt to Blues for David Perron2013-07-11 12:06:23
PERRON, DAVIDTRANSACTIONDealt to Oilers for Paajarvi and a 2nd2013-07-11 12:05:47
SANTORELLI, MICHAELTRANSACTIONSigns 1-year deal with Canucks2013-07-09 13:50:43
SKILLE, JACKTRANSACTIONSigns two-way contract with Blue Jackets2013-07-09 13:49:42
ROY, DEREKTRANSACTIONSigns 1-year $4M deal with Blues2013-07-09 13:48:54
TALLINDER, HENRIKTRANSACTIONDealt back to Sabres; Devils get prospect in return2013-07-09 13:47:51
MUELLER, CHRISTRANSACTIONformer Pred signs 1-year deal with Stars2013-07-09 13:33:32
CORVO, JOSEPHTRANSACTIONsigns one-year deal to return to Senators2013-07-09 13:32:09
BURMISTROV, ALEXANDERTRANSACTIONSigns with Ak Bars Kazan of KHL2013-07-09 13:31:07
SETOGUCHI, DEVINTRANSACTIONTraded to Jets2013-07-06 10:52:36
KHABIBULIN, NIKOLAITRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Blackhawks2013-07-06 10:01:46
COOKE, MATTTRANSACTIONInks three-year deal with Wild2013-07-06 09:58:01