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Fantasy News - Page: 58


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
DEKANICH, MARKINJURYDekanich to have MRI on the same ankle injured earlier this season. Out indefinitely.2012-01-24 14:21:09
BURNS, BRENTINJURYBurns seen limping with crutches to get from the arena on to the team bus. Expected to be out of Tuesday's contest against Flames2012-01-24 02:21:43
MORROW, BRENDENINJURYPlaced on the IR with an UBI2012-01-23 18:15:29
HORTON, NATHANINJURYBostons Horton has a mild concussion2012-01-23 17:04:23
MCDONAGH, RYANINJURYMcDonagh expected to play2012-01-23 12:35:43
SALO, SAMIINJURYSami Salo practicing with Edler, return against Oilers is likely2012-01-23 11:51:16
MALONE, RYANINJURYMalone left Saturday's contest with an UBI2012-01-22 10:15:03
TOEWS, JONATHANINJURYToews left last night's game with an UBI2012-01-22 10:14:46
MCDONAGH, RYANINJURYMcdonagh left Saturday's game after being slammed into the boards2012-01-22 10:13:02
NIKITIN, NIKITAINJURYNikitin left Saturday's match with a knee injury.2012-01-22 10:03:27
JAGR, JAROMIRINJURYAggravates groin again2012-01-21 14:01:05
KANE, EVANDERINJURYOut with concussion2012-01-21 13:31:31
BRIERE, DANIELINJURYBriere suffers concussion. Out indefinitely2012-01-21 13:30:23
SUTER, RYANINJURYCould miss the All-Star game2012-01-20 08:09:39
LETANG, KRISTOPHERINJURYLetang returns from concussion with 1 point performance2012-01-20 07:17:43