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PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
NIKITIN, NIKITAINJURYLeaves Sundays Game With Upper Body Injury2013-03-03 19:54:08
WARD, CAMINJURYLeaves Sundays Game With Leg Injury2013-03-03 19:34:00
WHEELER, BLAKEINJURYWheeler Likely to Be Okay After Blocking Shot Saturday2013-03-03 14:12:00
THEODORE, JOSEINJURYCould Be Out "For Some Time" After Leaving Saturdays Game2013-03-03 14:02:00
PALMIERI, KYLEINJURYLeaves Saturday's Game With Upper Body Injury2013-03-03 13:49:59
BERGENHEIM, SEANINJURYWins Medical Greivance against Panthers, will be paid in full retroactive to start of lockout2013-03-02 12:52:24
COLAIACOVO, CARLOINJURYExpects to be cleared for Tuesday's game2013-03-02 12:36:20
STEEN, ALEXANDERINJURYPlaced on IR list2013-03-02 12:35:19
BOURQUE, RENEINJURYPlaced on IR list2013-03-02 12:31:46
MALKIN, EVGENIINJURYHas not experienced concussion-related symptoms in 3 days; remains out of the lineup2013-03-02 12:29:34
HALL, TAYLORINJURYTaylor Hall left Friday's game during the second period with "tightness in his leg."2013-03-02 09:51:40
GREEN, MIKEINJURYGreen out for Capitals' game Saturday2013-03-02 02:24:03
ANDERSON, CRAIGINJURYAnderson speaks: An update on his status2013-03-01 20:33:40
CARTER, RYANINJURYDevils to get some of their identity back with Carters return from concussion2013-03-01 20:02:01
CRAWFORD, COREYINJURYCorey Crawford cleared to play2013-03-01 19:48:28
MIETTINEN, ANTTIINJURYInjured on first shift of season (LBI) after missing 17 with UBI2013-02-25 10:55:14
BYFUGLIEN, DUSTININJURYDay-to-day, being re-evaluated Monday2013-02-25 10:53:43
MALKIN, EVGENIINJURYTo miss Tuesday's game with concussion2013-02-25 10:46:35
GILL, HALINJURYLeaves game with injury2013-02-25 10:44:05
ROME, AARONINJURYPlaced on IR with LBI2013-02-24 22:37:50