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Fantasy News - Page: 191


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
ERAT, MARTINNEWSErat with 10 points in last 8 contests2012-01-24 02:15:32
FISHER, MIKENEWSPreds are 14-2-1 when Fisher records a point2012-01-24 02:14:09
HOWARD, JAMESSTREAKHoward extends winning streak to six with 3-1 win over Blues2012-01-24 02:10:04
ENSTROM, TOBIASSTREAK5 game point scoring streak for Enstrom2012-01-24 02:07:55
WELLWOOD, KYLESTREAK5 game point scoring streak for Wellwood2012-01-24 02:07:24
TAVARES, JOHNSTREAKTavares' point streak ends at 12 games in tonight's 3-0 loss 2012-01-23 20:03:31
MORROW, BRENDENINJURYPlaced on the IR with an UBI2012-01-23 18:15:29
HORTON, NATHANINJURYBoston’s Horton has a “mild concussion”2012-01-23 17:04:23
STRACHAN, TYSONNEWSRecalled by Panthers2012-01-23 14:06:35
MCDONAGH, RYANINJURYMcDonagh expected to play2012-01-23 12:35:43
STEWART, CHRISNEWSHitchcock wants speed against Wings, Stewart dropped to third line2012-01-23 12:33:22
SALO, SAMIINJURYSami Salo practicing with Edler, return against Oilers is likely2012-01-23 11:51:16
FLEURY, MARC-ANDRESTREAKMA Fleury has given up 7 goals on his last 49 shots2012-01-22 20:09:46
ELIAS, PATRIKSTREAKElias' point streak was stopped at seven games on Saturday2012-01-22 10:31:10
KHABIBULIN, NIKOLAISTREAKKhabibulin is winless in his last eight starts2012-01-22 10:27:12
HILLER, JONASSTREAKHiller has a four-game winning streak2012-01-22 10:20:46
MALONE, RYANINJURYMalone left Saturday's contest with an UBI2012-01-22 10:15:03
TOEWS, JONATHANINJURYToews left last night's game with an UBI2012-01-22 10:14:46
WILLIAMS, JUSTINSTREAKWilliams has a seven-game point-streak2012-01-22 10:14:33
WELLWOOD, KYLESTREAKWellwood has a four-game point-streak (0 goals, 6 assists)2012-01-22 10:14:16