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NHL Player News - Page: 190


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
HAMRLIK, ROMANNEWSReportedly not happy with Fehr2012-11-22 09:32:11
RYAN, BOBBYNEWSWill play in the Swedish Elite League2012-11-21 13:57:42
SUTTON, ANDYINJURYUndergoing knee surgery in a few weeks2012-11-21 13:57:04
HALAK, JAROSLAVNEWSHeading to Germany2012-11-21 08:25:27
GIROUX, CLAUDEINJURYLeaves German team to receive treatment for neck injury2012-11-20 08:44:21
SPACEK, JAROSLAVNEWSAnnounces retirement2012-11-19 21:22:39
SCHNEIDER, CORYNEWSConsidering playing in Switzerland2012-11-19 21:21:46
VERSTEEG, KRISNEWSChoice words for Bettman and Daly2012-11-19 13:59:35
KANE, EVANDERNEWSLeaving the KHL2012-11-19 08:23:21
WHITE, IANNEWSHas harsh words for Bettman2012-11-19 08:22:21
MURRAY, RYANINJURYOut with shoulder injury2012-11-19 08:21:31
COWEN, JAREDINJURYRequires surgery for lower-body injury2012-11-13 23:50:41
CROSBY, SIDNEYNEWSPoints finger at owners2012-11-13 23:49:56
NUGENT-HOPKINS, RYANNEWSInterested in playing at the WJHC2012-11-12 08:38:34
GEOFFRION, BLAKEINJURYRemains in hospital after undergoing surgery for a depressed skull fracture2012-11-12 07:39:40
HODGSON, CODYINJURYOut with a broken hand2012-11-12 07:37:04
VANEK, THOMASNEWSReturning to North America after playing in Austria2012-11-07 08:05:05
ALFREDSSON, DANIELNEWSNot optimistic about negotiations2012-11-07 08:04:21
RITCHIE, BRETTNEWSRecorded 11 points this weekend in the OHL2012-11-05 08:01:23
KELLY, CHRISTRANSACTIONSigns with Red Ice of Swiss Elite League2012-11-03 14:11:14