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NHL Player News - Page: 147


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
ELLIS, DANTRANSACTIONSigns two-year deal with Stars2013-07-05 12:06:11
RUSSELL, KRISTRANSACTIONTraded to Flames2013-07-05 12:04:54
MACARTHUR, CLARKETRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Ottawa2013-07-05 10:05:20
HANDZUS, MICHALTRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Blackhawks2013-07-05 10:01:06
SCUDERI, ROBERTTRANSACTIONAgrees to four-year deal with Pens2013-07-05 10:00:02
BOUCHARD, PIERRE-MARCTRANSACTIONSigns with the Islanders2013-07-05 09:58:18
HORTON, NATHANTRANSACTIONSigns seven-year deal with Blue Jackets2013-07-05 09:55:32
CLOWE, RYANETRANSACTIONSigns with Devils2013-07-05 09:54:40
MCLAREN, FRAZERTRANSACTIONRe-signs with Leafs2013-07-05 09:45:21
LABARBERA, JASONTRANSACTIONSigns with Oilers2013-07-05 09:44:36
GORDON, BOYDTRANSACTIONSigns three-year deal with Edmonton2013-07-05 09:43:57
RIBEIRO, MIKETRANSACTIONSigns with Coyotes2013-07-05 09:40:20
KOMISAREK, MICHAELTRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Hurricanes2013-07-05 09:32:20
GREISS, THOMASTRANSACTIONSigns with Coyotes to backup Mike Smith2013-07-05 09:31:02
REGIN, PETERTRANSACTIONInks one-year deal with Islanders2013-07-05 09:26:50
NABOKOV, EVGENITRANSACTIONRe-signs a one-year deal with Isles2013-07-05 09:20:52
EMERY, RAYTRANSACTIONEmery signs with Flyers2013-07-05 09:19:10
FERENCE, ANDREWTRANSACTIONSigns in Edmonton2013-07-05 09:13:18
ALFREDSSON, DANIELTRANSACTIONSigns with Red Wings2013-07-05 09:01:58
MATTHIAS, SHAWNTRANSACTIONSigns new two-year deal with Panthers2013-07-05 08:58:21