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Fantasy News - Page: 145


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
KEITH, DUNCANNEWSWill play in WC2012-04-25 10:29:02
SHARP, PATRICKNEWSJoining Canada for WC2012-04-25 10:28:31
QUICK, JONATHANNEWSUp for the Vezina2012-04-25 08:21:10
RINNE, PEKKANEWSUp for the Vezina2012-04-25 08:20:39
LUNDQVIST, HENRIKNEWSUp for the Vezina2012-04-25 08:19:00
TOEWS, JONATHANNEWSWon't play in WC2012-04-25 08:16:13
CROSBY, SIDNEYNEWSWon't play in WC2012-04-25 08:15:26
MICHALEK, MILANNEWSAvoids suspension2012-04-25 08:14:03
MARKSTROM, JACOBTRANSACTIONRecalled2012-04-24 22:48:33
THEODORE, JOSEINJURYMissed game 6 with an undisclosed injury2012-04-24 22:46:00
KNUBLE, MICHAELNEWSCould be his final season2012-04-24 22:44:19
LIDSTROM, NICKLASNEWSStill undecided about playing next season2012-04-24 22:42:58
LUONGO, ROBERTONEWSWilling to waive no-trade clause2012-04-24 22:41:59
KOVALCHUK, ILYAINJURYmight be playing injured2012-04-23 06:38:28
GARRISON, JASONINJURYmight play Monday2012-04-23 06:36:48
HAGELIN, CARLNEWSreturns Monday2012-04-23 06:35:41
BOYLE, BRIANINJURYconcussed2012-04-23 06:34:58
RASK, TUUKKAINJURYbacked up Thomas2012-04-23 06:33:32
BERGERON, PATRICEINJURYplayed even though injured2012-04-23 06:31:38
ALFREDSSON, DANIELINJURYmaybe will play?2012-04-23 06:30:05