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NHL Player News - Page: 113


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
NURSE, DARNELLNEWS...wn. The Soo’s roster includes Darnell Nurse (#2 prospect - Oilers), Nick Ritc...2015-05-04 18:36:12
PRICE, CAREYNEWS...I don’t care how all-world Carey Price is, the Montreal Canadiens are goin...2015-05-04 18:36:12
SUBBAN, P.K.NEWS...It’s a small sample size, but P.K. Subban currently leads the Habs in playoff...2015-05-04 18:36:12
CRAWFORD, COREYNEWS...ltending problem. The tandem of Corey Crawford and Scott Darling have allowed a...2015-05-04 18:36:12
PAVELEC, ONDREJNEWS...per game. In the playoffs, only Ondrej Pavelec and the Winnipeg Jets have a hig...2015-05-04 18:36:12
NIEMI, ANTTINEWS...o previous recent Stanley Cups. Antti Niemi in 2010 and Crawford in 2013 were b...2015-05-04 18:36:12
RAMO, KARRINEWS... Karri Ramo is expected to start in net for the ...2015-05-04 18:36:12
HILLER, JONASNEWS...he Flames in Game 2. This after Jonas Hiller has been pulled from both of his p...2015-05-04 18:36:12
ORTIO, JONINEWS...fraid to switch to Ramo or even Joni Ortio for a stretch of games during the re...2015-05-04 18:36:12
GAUDREAU, JOHNNYNEWS...way with smaller Flames such as Johnny Gaudreau and ...2015-05-04 18:36:12
RUSSELL, KRISNEWS...Johnny Gaudreau and Kris Russell. At least Hudler and first round h...2015-05-04 18:36:12
PERRY, COREYNEWS...that will do it for the Flames. Corey Perry has been the MVP of the playoffs th...2015-05-04 18:36:12
FONTAINE, JUSTINNEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
DESPRES, SIMONNEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
RAMO, KARRINEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
GETZLAF, RYANNEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
KANE, PATRICKNEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
SUBBAN, P.K.NEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
LUNDQVIST, HENRIKNEWSSaturday Night Special May 2nd2015-05-04 18:35:28
VARLAMOV, SIMEONNEWSTop 10 Players you should sell (2015)2015-05-04 18:32:17