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Fantasy News - Page: 106


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
HALL, TAYLORNEWSCleared to report to OKC2012-10-16 20:50:30
COOKE, MATTNEWSCoaching soccer during lockout2012-10-15 09:58:13
CROSBY, SIDNEYNEWSfans growing tired of NHL2012-10-15 05:10:58
DIPIETRO, RICKNEWSWill play in Germany2012-10-11 17:39:32
BERNIER, JONATHANNEWSSigns with 2nd Tier German Team2012-10-11 17:38:17
NASH, RICKNEWSScores a goal and assist in his return from injury2012-10-11 17:36:19
UMBERGER, R.J.NEWSHelping as an assistant coach with Ohio State2012-10-09 21:59:42
HASEK, DOMINIKNEWSRetiring again2012-10-09 21:57:30
BRYZGALOV, ILJANEWSThinks some Russian players may stay in KHL after lockout ends2012-10-08 19:02:27
BOYLE, DANNEWSSays all owners not on same page2012-10-08 19:00:51
RYAN, BOBBYNEWSNot planning to play overseas during lockout2012-10-08 18:58:40
KEITH, DUNCANNEWSEurope maybe2012-10-08 07:19:05
ZETTERBERG, HENRIKNEWSplaying for Swiss2012-10-08 07:17:44
PAVELSKI, JOETRANSACTIONSigned by Dynamo Minsk of KHL2012-10-06 14:18:04
WOLSKI, WOJTEKTRANSACTIONSigned by HK Sanok in Poland2012-10-06 14:01:12
ZAJAC, TRAVISNEWSRefuses to fly the coup to europe; Will train stateside.2012-10-06 13:40:28
TURRIS, KYLETRANSACTIONSigned by Oulun Karpat of Finnish 1st Division2012-10-06 13:32:04
CROSBY, SIDNEYNEWSAll regular season NHL games cancelled through October 24th2012-10-04 11:35:44
GIROUX, CLAUDENEWSGiroux and Briere sign with Berlin of the German Elite League2012-10-04 11:07:43
LADD, ANDREWNEWSBecomes 2nd North American-born player to sign with KHL during lockout2012-10-04 06:19:54