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Fantasy News - Page: 9


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
TENNYSON, MATTNEWSReassigned to Worcester (AHL)2014-03-24 15:00:19
FASTH, VIKTORINJURYHurt in practice and had to be helped off the ice2014-03-24 12:12:22
LADD, ANDREWNEWSWont play tonight...2014-03-24 10:22:05
FERRARO, LANDONNEWSReassinged to Grand Rapids (AHL)2014-03-24 10:19:42
CALLAHAN, MITCHNEWSRecalled from Grand Rapids (AHL)2014-03-24 10:19:25
MURPHY, RYANNEWSReady to return2014-03-24 09:31:00
GERBE, NATHANINJURYOut sick for todays game2014-03-24 09:30:38
WILSON, GARRETTNEWSReassigned to San Antonio (AHL)2014-03-24 09:21:01
RAFFL, MICHAELNEWSSigns 2 year extension with Flyers2014-03-24 06:14:13
RYAN, BOBBYINJURYTells coach he will be fine...2014-03-24 06:13:23
BROWN, DUSTININJURYLeaves game with UBI2014-03-24 06:12:27
FORSBERG, FILIPNEWSRecalled by Nashville2014-03-24 06:11:40
BOULTON, ERICNEWSRe-signs with Islanders for one more year2014-03-24 06:11:02
JONES, SETHINJURYLeaves game with possible concussion2014-03-24 06:09:53
SEDIN, HENRIKINJURYLeaves game with apparent leg injury2014-03-24 06:09:13
BOLLAND, DAVEINJURYHighly probable to return after lengthy absence (torn achilles); which he injured back on November 2nd.2014-03-22 09:28:27
VISNOVSKY, LUBOMIRINJURYLeft practise due to undisclosed injury; out day-to-day2014-03-22 08:56:12
ELLER, LARSNEWSDropped to 4th Line by Therrien2014-03-22 08:55:00
OKPOSO, KYLEINJURYDay to Day with Lower Body Injury2014-03-22 08:54:22
RICHARDS, MIKENEWSDemoted to fourth line with poor play of late (i.e. 0 points in past 6 games, 0 assists since February 26th)2014-03-22 08:51:28