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Fantasy News - Page: 152


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
CONACHER, CORYNEWSAHL rookie of the year2012-04-13 13:56:54
VRBATA, RADIMINJURYVrbata is DTD with an undisclosed injury2012-04-13 07:26:33
NYQUIST, GUSTAVNEWSNyquist will take Helm's spot2012-04-13 07:25:48
ENROTH, JHONASNEWSEnroth wants more playing time in Buffalo2012-04-13 07:22:33
CLARKSON, DAVIDINJURYClarkson feels his LBI is healed2012-04-13 07:21:28
LARSSON, ADAMNEWSLarsson likely to be a healthy scratch tonight2012-04-13 07:20:53
WEBER, SHEANEWSNo suspension for Weber2012-04-12 10:23:44
TOEWS, JONATHANINJURYExpected to play in Game 1 on Thursday2012-04-11 16:43:51
HELM, DARRENINJURYWill play tonight 2012-04-11 16:43:00
JAGR, JAROMIRNEWSJagr plans to return for the 2012-2013 season2012-04-11 13:13:53
SEDIN, DANIELINJURYOfficially ruled out for Game 12012-04-11 12:05:41
BRIERE, DANIELINJURYBriere and Grossmann will play tonight2012-04-11 10:24:16
HALAK, JAROSLAVNEWSWill start Game 12012-04-11 10:03:18
ALLEN, JAKEINJURYRecalled as Elliott battles UBI2012-04-11 09:18:09
HORTON, NATHANINJURYWill miss the 2012 playoffs2012-04-11 09:16:19
CARTER, JEFFINJURYExpects to play tonight2012-04-11 08:57:11
NUGENT-HOPKINS, RYANNEWSWill play for Canada at WC2012-04-11 08:56:11
CORVO, JOSEPHNEWSCorvo could see some time on the Bruins' power play unit2012-04-11 07:46:30
TOEWS, JONATHANINJURYToews will be a game time decision2012-04-11 07:45:55
STAMKOS, STEVENINJURYWill not play in WC's in order to rest shoulder2012-04-11 07:45:25