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Fantasy News - Page: 147


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
SCHNEIDER, CORYNEWSWill start tonight2012-04-18 12:26:29
TORRES, RAFFINEWSSuspended pending a Friday hearing2012-04-18 10:55:20
ALFREDSSON, DANIELINJURYDoubtful for Game 4 tonight.2012-04-18 08:25:44
SCHENN, LUKENEWSJoining Canada for WC2012-04-17 23:07:56
HOSSA, MARIANINJURYLeft last night's game with UBI. Out indefinitely.2012-04-17 21:24:34
BOURQUE, GABRIELSTREAKThree goals through four playoff games2012-04-17 20:20:28
KLEIN, KEVINSTREAK2 goals in last 2gp including GWG in Game 42012-04-17 20:17:41
NEAL, JAMESNEWSSuspended for 1 game2012-04-17 20:08:10
ASHAM, ARRONNEWSGets 4 game suspension2012-04-17 20:07:56
BACKSTROM, NICKLASNEWSSuspended for 1 game2012-04-17 20:07:42
SEDIN, DANIELINJURYCleared for contact, no indication playing wed2012-04-16 20:43:49
BOYLE, BRIANSTREAKScored in all three games + GWG in G1 & G32012-04-16 19:03:28
LUNDQVIST, HENRIKSTREAKPosts shut out in Game Three vs. Sens2012-04-16 19:03:17
QUICK, JONATHANSTREAKGame 3 shut out: stud in net through 3gp2012-04-16 18:59:48
WEISS, STEPHENSTREAKTwo big PPG: FLA 1st post-win in 15 years2012-04-16 18:16:24
BEAGLE, JAYSTREAK"Master of Faceoffs" - winning tough draws2012-04-16 18:10:26
BROWN, DUSTINSTREAKB2B SHG in Game 2; game winner in Game 32012-04-16 18:07:42
ALFREDSSON, DANIELINJURYconcussed2012-04-16 17:57:48
HELM, DARRENINJURYout 4 months2012-04-16 09:48:04
HALL, TAYLORINJURYMove from wing to center?2012-04-16 07:47:08