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Fantasy News - Page: 119


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
SCHIESTEL, DREWTRANSACTIONAgrees to one-year deal with Sabres2012-07-25 18:02:15
BENN, JORDIETRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Stars2012-07-25 18:01:18
WEISE, DALETRANSACTIONAgrees to one-year deal with Canucks2012-07-25 18:00:16
MCIVER, NATHANTRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Isles2012-07-25 15:02:30
DA COSTA, STEPHANETRANSACTIONRe-signs with the Sens to a one-year deal2012-07-25 15:01:25
STAIOS, STEVENEWSRetires and joins Leafs front office2012-07-25 12:08:14
HARRISON, JAYTRANSACTIONSigns three-year contract extension with Canes2012-07-25 02:19:40
DOAN, SHANENEWSWill reportedly visit with Canadiens next week2012-07-25 02:17:58
WILSON, COLINTRANSACTIONSigns a three-year $6M deal with Preds2012-07-25 02:16:29
BOYCHUK, ZACHARYTRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Canes2012-07-25 02:15:06
HORTON, NATHANNEWSCleared for contact2012-07-25 02:12:09
WEBER, SHEATRANSACTIONPreds match offer sheet for Weber2012-07-25 02:11:11
BOBROVSKY, SERGEINEWSSKA acquired his KHL rights. May push to bring him back for 2013-142012-07-24 00:39:20
KOSTITSYN, SERGEITRANSACTIONSigns two-year $6M deal with Preds2012-07-23 15:10:15
NASH, RICKTRANSACTIONNash heading to the Rangers pending a trade call2012-07-23 15:09:30
BOWMAN, DRAYSONTRANSACTIONSigns two-year deal with Hurricanes2012-07-23 12:47:13
MACENAUER, MAXIMETRANSACTIONAgrees to terms with Jets2012-07-23 12:45:42
BYFUGLIEN, DUSTINNEWSConvicted of careless boating2012-07-23 12:44:36
KOIVU, SAKUNEWSWill carry the Olympic torch2012-07-23 12:43:12
HOSSA, MARIANNEWSWorking hard to return to the Hawks2012-07-23 12:41:29