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NHL Player News - Page: 118


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
PULKKINEN, TEEMUNEWSassigned to AHL2013-09-23 11:31:25
TORRES, RAFFIINJURYsharks wait to hear severity of injury to his knee2013-09-23 11:10:56
OLVER, MARKTRANSACTIONsent to the AHL as part of cuts for the Avalanche2013-09-23 10:28:41
CARRICK, CONNORNEWSsigns ELC2013-09-23 10:06:52
SHEAHAN, RILEYTRANSACTIONpart of latest cuts from the Red Wings2013-09-23 09:37:37
HACKETT, MATTHEWTRANSACTIONSent to AHL by the Sabres2013-09-23 09:33:23
MORROW, BRENDENTRANSACTIONInks 1 year deal with STL Blues2013-09-23 09:32:08
MCNABB, BRAYDENTRANSACTIONamong the latest cuts from Sabres2013-09-23 09:31:53
MACINTYRE, STEVETRANSACTIONClaimed by the Oilers from the Pens2013-09-23 09:28:07
CAMMALLERI, MIKEINJURYNursing potentially serious hand injury...2013-09-23 08:13:46
SISSONS, COLTONNEWSAmong the latest cuts from the Preds2013-09-23 07:43:45
CLARKSON, DAVIDNEWS10G suspension looming after leaving bench during brawl2013-09-23 03:29:29
GAGNER, SAMINJURYOut indefinitely with broken jaw2013-09-23 03:25:51
WHITE, IANTRANSACTIONCut from Jets roster2013-09-21 09:15:58
EAVES, PATRICKINJURYOut 2-4 weeks with ankle spasms2013-09-21 09:15:08
CLUTTERBUCK, CALINJURYOut four to six weeks due to leg laceration sustained vs Calgary Tuesday night in exhibition action2013-09-21 09:00:36
KADRI, NAZEMINJURYReturns to practise; injury concerns dismissed2013-09-21 08:58:46
BERGERON, PATRICEINJURYOfficially recovered from slew of significant injuries last spring2013-09-21 08:57:44
GIORDANO, MARKNEWSFlames make Giordano successor to club legend, Jarome Iginla, as 19th captain in Calgary's history2013-09-21 08:56:39
READ, MATTTRANSACTIONInked to surprising 4 year - 14.5 million extension2013-09-21 08:52:54