See a quick example of everything in action - why I guarantee that you will need this (because if your competitor has it, you're toast).


For $4.99 per season (works out to 0.43 cents/month, or less than one cent per day) you get all of these tools at your fingertips. New in the summer of 2013 - ALL tools that can be found on other sites are now completely FREE. We only charge a tiny amount for the 'unique' tools that we provide. Check the shop for details.


Why are we going to pay now? I'll explain...


Those of you who read my ramblings frequently knew this was coming two years ago. We wanted to move to pay last year, but things were crazy timewise - for example, creator Jason Arbuthnot got married.


Well now we've moved that section to a pay section. I apologize to those who were caught off guard. This tool is fantastic and is used industry-wide by newspaper journalists, television reporters and leading bloggers...





"The Frozen Pool line combo tracker is like having a league's worth of scouts at your fingertips - just another reason why the information and analysis from Frozen Pool is some of the best in the business. Inherently, I suck at fantasy hockey. Frozen Pool gives me a chance to win. Or, at the very least, suck less." - Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Puck Daddy

"Frozen Pool’s line combinations are top shelf and an outstanding resource for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in fantasy hockey." - Scott Cullen,

"A one-of-a-kind resource that I turn to every week for insight into who's playing with who in every situation." - James Mirtle, Globe Sports



And as Tweeted by Jon Press from




This has been free for five years, but now it's time to give Jason a little something for 1000+ hours of his time. Now dig out some change from the back of your couch and BUY IT HERE for immediate access!



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